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I Queenlands's Progressive Legisation. STATE ENTERPRISE EXTENDING IN ALL DIRECTIONS. The Governor of Queensland at the recent opening of Parliament in the Australian State had to announce a goodly number of measures of progressive legislation for the ensuing ses- sion. These include a Health Amendment Bill, a Meat-works Bill, Brisbane Tramways Purchase Bill, a Popular Initiative and Referendum Bill, a State Iron and Steel Works Establishment Bill, a State Enterprise Bill, and an Election Amendment Bill. The State meat-shops, he proceeded, had thoroughly justified their exist- ence. A comprehensive scheme for the supply and distribution of meat to the whole State from State cattle stations wa-s contemplated. A State fish supply scheme for the supply and dis- tribution of meat to the whole State from State cattle stations was contemplated. A State fish supply scheme had been launched. The progress of the Crown land section was greater than last year's. The closest attention would be paid to the conservation and increase of forest resources by the Government State agency. The distri- btition of farm products was working well. Pro- ducer and consumer profited by the elimination of the middle-man. Notwithstanding heavy floods in the sugar ditsricts and much destruc- tion of both cane and sugar,-the yield for one year was in excess of Australian requirements. The gold output was still diminishing, but there was a marked increase in the yield of industrial metals. A Royal Commission having reporfcea in favour of establishing a State iron smelting plant capable of producing pig-iron commer- cially. steps were being taken to carry out the proposal. Oil boring was proceeding, and- a depth of 3,000 feet had been reached. A mea- sure for the extension of secondary and techni- cal education and social and temperance reform « was promised. The State establishment of baby clinics had been so .successful in Brisbane that a similar esta blishmem would be opened in other parts.

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A Soldier Again. I