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Untrue Statements Cause Confusion.…


Untrue Statements Cause Confusion. MR. WALTER LEWIS COMMENTS ON I TREDEGAR STRIKE. Mr. Walter Lewis, J.P., miners agent, report- ing to a. meeting of the Rhymney Valley Dis- trict of Miners on Saturday, referred to the Tredegar strike, and said that so much confusion had been caused by untruthful statements, and so much blame attached to certain innocent people and Federation officials in that district that it was well to give the full facts. He strongly defended the action of the Central Exe- cutive and his own as age-nt for the McLaren Colliery workmen. It should not be understood that, his sympatity was not with the workmen in their demand. In fact, he was wholeheartedly with the workmen and against the conduct of Mr. Tallis and Mr. John Evans. The district I meeting decided to place Mr. Lewis' report .on record in an official report. Mr. Tom Matthews. checkweigher, Abertysswg, said that no blame was attached to any officials of the Rhymney Valley District in connection with the strike. Two delegates representing the Abertysswg Lodge attended and appealed for a donation to relieve acute distress said to prevail among the children of the Abertysswg workmen who had been on strike. The delegates, in their acb dresses, frankly admitted that the whole thing was and that the appeal was simply for the sake of innocent children. The district decided to make an immediate grant. Mr. Alhert Thomas, J.P. (sub-agent and secre- tary), and Mr. T. Matthews reported on the national conference of miners.


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