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LABOUR AND THE NEXT ELECTION. TO THE EDITOR. Sir,—The last paragraph of Mr. Sylvester'* letter practically wipes out all that he says in the first two paragraphs 'in so far as he com- plains of my point of view. He writes: "I agree with Mr. Woolf that it is most important that Labour should force the capitalist class to terminal*' the war on a bagis of the principles of freedom and democracy, and I further agree that a majority of the workers are so sick of the war that they would hack up such a policy. If he had written "at the moment all-impor- tant instead of the words "most important lie would have simply condensed in a sentence the gist of my article. "To terminate the war on a basis of the principles of freedom and de mocracy is, in my opinion, practically the only poll tical (?n d wiicti a, political end which a reasonable human being, should FOR THE MOMENT consider. The return of Mr. George to power will defeat that end. and all that I wished to urge was that Labour should take certain steps to defeat Mr. George I never said nor did I imply that in nr, opinion there is a pin's difference from the point of view of Labour and Capitalism between the liberal Asquith and the radical Lloyd; George. But that does not alter the fact thar the present attitude of political Labour ma\ lead to the return of Mr. Gecrne to power, an- other two years of war, and a bad capitalist peace at the end of it. If Mr. Sylvester can contemplare that pI'OSP(>.(.t with equanimity, t cannot. LEONARD W OOLF.

C.O. Fined at Rhyl.

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