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The Electric Theatre


The Electric Theatre The Electric Theatre's principle attraction "these last three days is the visit of the Tank Julian" to the town. The photography is wonderfully clear, and much interest is being displayed in picking out acquaintances, rela- tions and oneself moving freely over the silvern screen. It is the local atmosphere that has given this film its importance; for just the same en- terprise that brought the cinema camera to Mer- thyr last Monday is observable in the whole of the programme. The Flashlight Mystery, the wonderful drama that heads the list, is one of the finest pieces of work that the sensational side of the cinema has given us. It grips and enthrals by reason of a capital plot, thoroughly I well played by a star company, including that picture-world favourite, Dorothy Phillips. There )8, too, a funnier-than-ever Billy West. The Chief Cook" and an extremely interesting in- stalment of the "Ited Ace" serial. Still, as' I have said before, it is the Tank picture that has caught the popular fancy most. Next week's opening programme, includes a I real Arabian night five-reeler, from the J. D. Walker studio. The principal part in -this Hawaiian fairy story of the wishing battle is Sessua Hayakawa, a name new to inie, but guar- anteed by the Walker imprimature. The title of this fantastic love story is "The Bottle Imp." By the way, it includes a big fight scene, and there is a volcanic eruption that is wonderfully realistic. In addition there is a Triangle comedy of the ever popular manicurist type. This one is called "TJle Iceman's Bride," and its com- plex absurdities are excruciatingly funny. "The Phantom's Secret" is the big feature from Wednesday on. It is a drama of unex- pected developments and surging thrills. There are some fine comedies, and an unusual chapter of the Red Ace." PT/AYOOEH J w J


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