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Soermns to Stay. W. C. ANDERSON'S ACTION IN THE HOUSE DUE TO "PIONEER" RPORT, 7, Mecklenburgh Square. London, W.C.I, TO THE EDITOR. Dear, Siiy—Arising out of a paragraph in the Merthyr PIONEER, I asked a question in Parlia- ment about the Russian violinist. You will be interested to see ttio reply and glad to note that tho,oi-dei, for deportation has for the present been cancelled. Yours faithfully, W. C. ANDERSON. IN THE HOUSE. Mit. ANDERSON asked for what reason Edvard Scermus, the Russian violinist, has been ordered to return to Russia, seeing that he has taken no part in political propaganda and has been re- jected for military service both in Russia and this country: whether he is aware that this musician was ordered to return within a week to Russia at a. time when his wife was lying ill and unable to travel with him; and whether he is aware that such actions on the part of the British authorities are deeply affecting the minds of the Russian people and will adversely affect the future relations of the two countries. including the trading and commercial relations? MH. SNOWDEN asked if a deportation order has been made against Mr. Edvard Soermus, and, if so, on what grounds; if this order has been carried into effect; and, if not, will lie, in view of the fact that Mr. Soermus is an Fthon- ian subject, reconsider the matter? Sin G. CAVE I understand that, as this man was engaged in revolutionary propaganda in this country he was warned by the police that an application would probably be made for his deportation; but that in the present circum- stances and particularly in view of his wife's state of health it is not intended to press the application at the present time. No deportation order has in fact been made. MR. SNOWDEN Will the right hon. gentleman state what the nature of the seditious pro- paganda was in which he was engaged ? Siii G. CAVE Xo, Sir. The matter has not yet come before me. If it should come before me I shall require to be informed as to the nature of the propaganda.

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