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Abercanaid Notes.I

.Briton -Ferry NotesI

.Rhymney Valley NotesI

Pontypridd Notes. I

I Theatre Royal i

30/- for 54 Hours.-I

Iron-Miners' Strike.I

Mr. Clynes and The FutureI


Mr. Clynes and The Future I PARTY PREJUDICES AND ATTACHMENTS I GOING. WORKSHOP CONTROL, BUT NO MANU- I FACTURED RULES. Speaking at an organisation conference of the National Labour Partv at Manchester last week- end Mr. J. R. Clynes, M.P., thought that the experiences through which we had passed dur- ing the last four years would make it impossible for the masses of the people to return to the old party politics and attachments. We should have men and women freed very largely from the old party prejudices and restraints, and that would be a great advantage to the Labour Party. Ho saw signs that the mind of the people was open- ing to the reception of the principles of the La- bour Party's programme, and he urged upon all supporters of the party the duty of preparation for electoral work. He welcomed the desire of the work-people to have a share in the manage- ment of industry, but he had read with mis- givings the circulars issued by the Admiralty to the various Government yards lading down ex- actly the constitution and functions of the work- men's committees and imposing limitations upon them. The rules and regulations for anything like workshop control must be a matter of joint arrangement between the employees and the em- ployed. It would not do, either, for a Govern- ment or a private fiim to throw rules at the head of tT,e men and say, We have laid down these regulations, which you must follow." That was not the spirit out of which anything like mutual good would grow up in tliQ management of industry in this country. Mr. Sidney Webb gave an adress, which was ihnited to practical points of organisation and electioneering.

C.L.C. and I.L.P. Rapprochment.…


Soermns to Stay. -I

The Electric Theatre


C.O. Fined at Rhyl.

Jewish Labour Unions.

Merthyr NotesI

Brynmawr Notes.I

Miners' Wages. I