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I Theatre Royal Although there is an entire distinction be- tween the plays that Mr. W. Y. Garrod's clever company is presenting at the Theatre Royal this week, from the work that was undertaken by the Armitage and Leigh Company last week, I cannot help but feel that the run of drama for so many weeks without a. break has somewhat detracted from the appreciation which would have been extended to the company on visit this week, had there been a musical comedy or vaudeville break. So far as the plays and play- ing is concerned one can only say 'that Mr. Gar- rod has been lucky in securing two outstanding numbers of their type. and fortunate indeed in these days in staffing them with a company that brings out the last ounce of sensationalism in admittedly sensational dramas. "The Heart of a Thief" that opened the week was a crook story that was made oetter by the introduction of a heart interest, while the changed pro- gramme on Thursday gave us The Million- aire and the Woman," a story of a man's mar- riage to an Austrian adventuress that is topical insofar as it deals with the now popular spy plot. For next week Mr. Dry has been lucky enough to secure a return to the town of The Dream Girl," which, if I remember aright, introduced Mandy from Tonypandy to Merthyr audi- ences, and which generally passed the censor- ship of the critical Merthyr people with a first- class certificate of satisfaction. Daisy Squelch and her Big Brass Six is still with the merry little combination, and that pretty little artiste Margery Moore is responsible for the speciality dances. The comedy is light and in good taste, and there is a chorus capable of doiilg the work in hand well. PLAYGOER. I —V

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