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i THEATRE ROYAL & EMPIRE PALACE, Mtft?r |I .1 THEA1ie!!minEi'!ar!CL:r!hyr 'I | 6.30 T?!CE !?!GHTLY. 8.30 | I a Week commencing MONDAY, JUNE 3rd, 1918. I ? W V. GARROD'S COMPANY. j Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I THE HEART OF A THIEF  Thu?sday, Friday, and Saturday- | j THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE WOMAN i ? DONT FORGET TANK DAY8 Mond&y.?TuMdtty and Wednesday. I pr Circle, </= Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. Gallery, 3d. j ■HMHMIWHMN PLJJS NEW TAX. HBBIMBBHIMMBHIhJ r" It II I Merthyr Electric heatre I e Week commencing Monday, June 3rd. I CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. j I Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday- I j The GR2A:20Ias I I GLORIA'S ROMANCE—Part 20 Final. j I WON BY A FOWL-Triagle Comedy. 2 I Comedies and Pathe's Gaiette. 8 I _— W Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- | I The Flashlight Mystery I Featuring Dorothy PhiHtps. I I THE CHIEF COOK-Billy West. THE RED ACE-Part 6. I Z Comedies, Pathe's Gazette, &c. W 1 ADM!?S!ON 3d.- Tax, !d.; 6d.- Tax, 2d. ;1/ Tax, 3d. I Children's Performance at One o'clock on Saturdays. I Z Ordinary Saturday Performance starts at 3,30 o'clock. Other Days 2.M as usual. 5 L.. t. It • BOOKS THREE ESSENTIALS IN THE SOCIALIST ARMOURY. < SOCIALISM AFTER THE WAR 1/- By J. R. MACDONALD, M.P. THE STATE 1/3 By WILLIAM PAUL. INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM AND THE MINING INDUSTRY I 1 By GEORGE HARVEY. The Democrats Handbook to Merthyr 6d., reduced to Id., Postage 2d. (A Mine of local Historical and Industrial Information). OUR SHOP, Pontmorlais, Merthyr HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR, srDA Y, JUNE 2n 1918. Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A. SUBJECT—"OUR DAILY BREAD." SOLOIST: MR. LEWIS MILLS. A CORDIAL WELCOME EXTENDED TO ALL Independent Labour Party. Annual Divisional Conference, RUSKIN INSTITUTE, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF, SATURDAY, JUNE ist, 1918. CHAIR TO BE TAKEN AT 3 P.M. ARE WE DOING YOUR PRINTING ? We have the most modern equipment, and good work is quickly turned out by Trade Unionists at reasonable rates. NOTE THE ADDRESS THE LABOUR PIONEER PRËSS PONTYPRIDD !.L.P. HALL, GRAIG SQUARE £ c SUNDAY, .TUNE 2nd, 1918. JACK HUGHES (Llwynypia) will speak. SUBJECT-" LIBERTY." BRANCH MEETING on Saturday, June 1st. The Blebs Magazine t June Number will cont,a,in the first of a soriew of articles on —— tTHE CLASS STRUGGLE IN S. WALES," By J. T. WALTON NEWBOLD. 2!d. monthly post-free. 2s. 6d. annually. Now On. Secont) EDITION. "A WORKER LOOKS AT HISTORY," By MARK STARIT. Ifl. 3d. paper (po«t-free). 2s. 9d. cloth. .(. From Secretary, 176 Springvale Rd., Sheffield., ft

! -Theatle Royal--

I Aberdare C.O. Case.

300,000 Workmen's Dwellings.

The Personal Equation in Elections.

The Press Censorship.

The Soul and Aspirations of…

I . Wansbeck Result. I

Labour and lhe Victimisation…

-* % Pauperism.