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I CORRESPONDENCE. Correspondents are requested to condense I I their letters as much as possible. I I FEDERAL HOME RULE. I I TO THE EDITOR. I Sir,—The question of Federal Home Rule for Scotland. "Wales, England, as well as Ireland, is receiving so much attention at the present moment, that I am pleased to draw your readers attention to the fact that the Labour Party have included it among the important questions that will come up for discussion at their annual conference next month. A series of resolutions, based on the now famous pamphlet, Labour and the New Social Order," have been drawn up, setting forth the Party's policy on re-construction after I the war, and Resolution XIII., which deals with Constitutional Devolution, suggests that along with the grant of Home Rule to Ireland, there should constituted separate statutory legis- lative assemblies for Scotland. Wales and even England, with autonomous administration in matters of local concern and that, the Parlia- ment at "Westminster should be retained in the form of a Federal Assembly for the United Kingdom, controlling the Ministers responsible for the Departments of the Federal Govern- ment, who would form also, together with Ministers representing the Dominions and India whenever these can be brought in. the Cabinet for Commonwealth affairs' for the Britannic Commonwealth as a whole." The Right Hon. Arthur Henderson, M.P., speaking at Wrexham last Saturday strongly .supported the idea of Federalism, though he was an Internationalist, he contending that In- ternationalism does not blind us to .the needs of home affairs. He supported the idea of Home Rule all round on the ground that the House) of Commons wiafc alrea-dy overcrowded with other work. and that after the war is over, the Imperial Parliament should be set free to act on behalf of the whole British Com- monwealth. Taking the resolution and the expression of Mr. Henderson. it is evident that Labour is ready to deal with the question of Home Rule All Round, there only remains the question of how far can the Federal Parliaments go in the way of legislation y. are they to be empowered as the Australian Colonies are to deal with the relationship between Capital and Labour? deal with the Land Laws, control Education. Housing, Health, and in fact the control of all the organisations of government necessary for the full development of the life of the nation, setting the nation before the individual. These are the problems that Labour need now to consider, otherwise the obtaining of a .Federal Parliament will not in any way assist the workers to a realisation of the goal they have in view. Wc are informed that a Welsh Nationalist Party is to appeal to the electorate at the next election, seeking the support of the people as Welsh Home Rulers. Let the workers ascertain the views of such candidates on the problems I have here mentioned, and let them ma.ke an inquiry as to how much in th past. have these "Nationalists" assisted the workers in obtain- ing the freedom to live that fuller life we all so much desire.—Yours faithfully. WlLMAM HAKKIS, I Secretary, South Wales Labour Federation. Pontllan fra i r 11. Mon.

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