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Ogmore Vale Notes.I

-Briton Ferry NotesI


Briton Ferry Notes I Mr. Hogge at the Ferry. I 11-til. 11. -11. visited this town on F, ri. day, May 10th, in connection with the local branch of the Sold iers' and Sailors' e(lell- ation. He opened out by stating that it need- I ed courage to address a Welsh audience after voting against a Welsh Premier the previous day or so. Speaking on the "Indispensables," he argued that no man was indispensable. When one passes away another takes hit-, place. In developing this truth from the present wteur, with its substitution of indispensable mtm, he was interrupted by one who asked, "Was not the present Premier indispensable ? "Cer- tainly not," was the immediate rejoinder. "Then," said the questioner, "what is the al- ternative, where can we find a substitute." The reply was, by applying at any Labour Ex- change." The local patr iots wore ruffled looks. Air. M. G. Roberts presided. J. M. Jones on Road.. I The Rev. J. M. Jones, M.A.. Merthyr, was the preacher for the anniversary services of Jerusalem Baptist Christian Endeavour Society on Sunday and Monday last. His discourses, richly enjoyed, were thoughtful and convincing, especially his sermon on "Roads," holding out "ho idea of the International as the only solu- tion to true and lasting peace, and quoting Trotsky's "Pe ace without a Treaty," though sneered at by the German imperialists—and our own—as being rational and sensible and workable, when the boundaries that cause ill- feeling and suspicion shall have been done away with. I.L.P. Summer Session. I Hie I.L.P. ojjened its summer propaganda work on Sunday, 1101ding a meeting in the Crown Park, with" Bob" Williams (the selected Parliamentary candidate for the Aber- avon Division) as speaker. A fine crowd gathered, and the speaker's arguments were greatly appreciated. Councillor Jos. Branch presided. fi

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Merthyr's High Rates. )

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