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Merthyr Notes I A Church for Nixonville. I I A new church, to seat 600 people, is to be I erected in Nixonville, Merthyr Vale, after the war on a site presented by Colonel H. E. Lock- wood. To augment the building fund, initiated in connection with the movement, a bazaar was held at the Rechabite Hall, Merthyr Vale, on Wednesday and Thursday last week. Measles. Measles is still prevalent in Merthyr, 20*2 cases being reported last month. The disease is most virulent in Treharris and Merthyr Vale, the number notified from those districts being 111 and 61 respectively. Anonymous. Air. 1). S. Morgan, the secretary of the Y\ ar Savings Committee, has received from a local gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous the following offer: A prize of a lo/G war savings certificate for the best set of verses on the forthcoming visit of the "Tank," composi- tions to be from 100 to 150 words in English; a similar prize for ditto in Welsh. Compositions to be original and confined to scholars of Schools in the Borough, and Cetn Girls' Schools who are affiliated to the Merthyr War Savings fonimittee. Adjudicator to be Mi'. Rhys Elias, "Director of Education, who will be asked to di ■aw up conditions and whose decision shall be final. The winning pieces to bo printed in the "Merthyr Express" and Pioneer" for Saturday before the visit of the Tank if such papers will insert same free. Merthyr Miners' Notices. Notices to terminate contracts in a fortnight were on Wednesday given to between ;)00 and 400 workmen employed at the Hills-Plymouth Collieries. Merthyr. A month ago similar no- tices were tendered by the confpany, but were withdrawn after the position had been reported to the Coal Controller. Musical Society's Concert. I Merthyr Musical Society, under the condue- torship of Dr. D. C. Williams, on Thursday evening at the Olympia Rink, gave a miscel- laneous concert in aid of the Blinded Heroes' Fund. Policemen-Soldiers' Dependants. Merthyr Watch Committee on Monday do- ckled that the" weekly allowances paid wives and dependants of policemen with the colours in- cludes all war-bonuses granted the force, the increases to take effect from January 1.), 1917. Collier-Lads' Escapade. Whilst travelling from to Vale a young collier lad. Win. Albert Hughes, jumped from the moving train to the perma- nent way where he was found in a dazed con- dition by a police-con stable. At Merthyr on Tuesday he was fined for that offence and also travelling without a ticket 30 (or 14 days), whilst two other lads, Charles Warren and John Joseph H-an, who were with him, were each fined 20 i (or 7 days) for not paying their train- fare. Corporation Waterworks. The appeals entered against the assessments of the Merthyr Corporation's waterworks in the several parishes of the Brecon Union, which have been under negotiation for some months, have resulted in an agreement to an advance in the ratable values from C6,821, to £ 7,822. School Attendance Fines. The question of the collection by the police of fines inflicted by the magis tra tt's in sehool attendance cases was again raised at the Mer- thyr Watch Committee on Monday. Mr. J. A. Wilson (chief-constable) stated that the total number of "outstanding cases" was 39, of which seven had been withdrawn, five dismissed, sixteen had been paid off by instalments, two were being paid, one was a blank refusal to pay, in one the culprit had absconded, and the remaining seven cases concerned soldiers' wives. Mr. H. M. Lloyd What is the procedure when they refuse to pay ? Mr. Wilson: It is for the informant (the Director of Education) to apply for a justices' warrant, and if that has no effect for a commitment. "Municipal Employees' Wages. I Several questions have arisen as to the mrwunts parable to the employees of the Mer- thyr Corporation under the recent award of the Committee on Production, amongst them being the position of three masons employed at the Dowlais Yard. The Finance Committee on Tuesday received a claim from tli<tee men—who are paid the full trades union rate and bonus granted all other tradesmen in the employ of the Town Oouneil-that as members,, of the Municipal Employees' Association they should be paid the bonus (£1 a week) awarded to the unskilled workmen on their (the masons') rate of pay in July, 1914, which was then the trades union rate. The Committee regarded the daim as unreasonable, ,and Mr. L. M. Francis stated that the men concerned had not the support of the Labour Party, and added the opinion that they should 1*, like the remainder of the 40 masons of the Corporation, members ■oF the skilled crafts organisation. No action was accordingly taken. Requests were received from two other employees, the museum attend- ant and water inspector, that the £ 1 bonus should he added to the wages they recei ved on entering the employ of the corporation after the outbreak of war. Their claim was turned down, the Committee deciding that, the basis should be the pre-war rawi, paid for the re- spective positions. Finance. Merthyr Corporation's balances with the trea- surer at the end of April amounted to £ 89,;U0 18s. 6d A Question of Justice. The principle of making up the difference be- tween the army pay and allowances and the .civilian wages of en1 isted Corporation employees is likely to prove an expensive item. "At Mon- day's meeting of the Watch Committee Mr. D. W. Jones (chairman) also drew attention to the fact that thousands of miners called to the colours had to join up without any provision being made for their dependants other than the I mi 0 army allowance. Yet it was these men who would largely be compelled as rate- payers, direct or indirect, to pay the grants made by the Town Council to their employees. He suggested that the matter should be inves- tigated carefully and a com prehensile report prepared. A course, in accordance with Mr. Jones' suggestion, was agreed to. Watch Committee Amenities. I It was veported at Monday's meeting of the Merthyr Watch Committee that the case of Jones v. Wilson, which came before the King's .Bench Division in the nature of an appeal by Mr. D. W. Jones (chairman) against a convic- tion by the Merthyr Stipendiary on a sifhimons for keeping a man-servant without a license, would cost the Corporation £ 20 13s. 6d. Mr. J. A. Wilson (chief-constable) remarked that the judges had upheld tht contention of the appel- lant that the initial proceedings should have been first sanctioned by the Corporation but disallowed costs for the appellant as there were grounds upon which the police contention, that iii,. -Jones" gardener was a man-servant who should have been licensed, could be upheld. Aid. Lewis thought, the result of the appeal with the cost involved was an unfortunate thing for the ratepayers. Chairman: The police ex- ceededi'their duty, and now the thing lias been pm riht. The Chief-Constable was about to make a. further remark when the Chairman said I don't think we will discuss it any further. Mr. Wilson, thank you. Mr. Enoch Morrell What is the position in future? Mr. T. Rees (Town Clerk): The authority of the council has to be obtained. Septuagenarian's Death. I Robert IVk, aged 70, of Danyparc, Merthyr, dropped dead in the street on Tuesday. Merthyr's Unbusinesslike Methods." Newport Town ( otmcit complained on Tues- day of the unbusinesslike ahi,tude of the Mer-1 thyr Corporation with regard to the proposal to supply Newport with water. It was stated that the Mer thy i' Town Council had been writ- ten to twice for information on the question but no reply had been received. A proposal not to treat further "ith Merthyr was ruled out of order, and the disenssion closed after t,l it, expression of a hope that the Newport Committee concerned with the water-supplv i wmdtl again take up the matter. j Chief-Constable versus Chairman. Merthyr Watch Committee discussed the po- lice promotion" on Monday behind closed doors. The Pioneer understands that the discussion was marked by breezy' passages between the Chief Constable (Mr. Wilson) and the Chart-man (Jh. 1). W. Jones), who wished the promotions to be shelved until after the war.- Eventually, however, the Chief Constable's promotion re- commendations were adopted. Accordingly the following changes are to take place: Inspector D. M. Da vies pron:oted to a chief-inspectorship; Inspector J. G. Lamb removed to Merthyr from Dowlais Detective-Sergt. Dove created inspec- tor at Dowlais • Police-Sergt. Lewis, Troedyrhiw, appointed detective-sergeant at Merthyr: Sent Gwilym Davies, Merthyr, to go to Troedyrhiw Detective-Constable David Davies promoted ser- geant at Merthvr. and Police-Constable Galliers made detective-constable. Birth-Rate Increasing. Merthyr's birth-rate for the. past four weeks was 24 per 1.000, an increase of "6.0 per 1) on the figures fur the corresponding month of last year. Spread of Consumption. A marked increase in tuberculosis returns was apparent in Merthvr last month. The notifica- tions numbered 3o, compared with 1:) for the corresponding period of 1917.

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