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tered by the passing of the new Reform Bill demanded a ballot, they %■ould not only be un- prepared with their candidate by the next elec- tion but he had grave doubts whether they would be ready even by the following General Election. He was a firm believer in Democracy but Kurelv this proposal was Democracy run mad. Just one other point in conclusion. Mr. Jen- kins' irrelevant outbursts about being dragged at the heels of pacifists and pro-Germans is re- grettable. That he should deem it dignified and honourable to throw mud at those who have patiently laboured to frame a constitution amenable to all sections of the Labour Move- ment is an exhibition of pique unworthy of one who jjp a public man of many years standing, who th: pretends to be anxious to consolidate the forces of Labour both industrially and politicaUy.-Thanking you in anticipation,- we are, yours, etc., G. T. OWEN, Hy. 8. BATEY, Members of the E.C. of the Aberavon Divisional Labour Party. Port Talbot, May 14th, 1918.