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I The Electric Theatre


An Open Letter to Arthur HendersonI

New Theatre Manager. I

"Peace Offensive" in The House.

it Arthur Henderson at Wrexham.


it Arthur Henderson at Wrexham. BREAKDOWN OF CAPITALIST SYSTEM. FEDERAL HOME RULE FOR WALES. Speaking on the Labour Party R-eeonstfue- tion programme at the annual meeting of the North Wales Trades and Labour Council at Wrexham last Saturday, Mr. Arthur Hender- son, LP., tid that the problems of reconstruc- tion and of demobilisation must be faced with courage and determination. In the achieve- ment of their Ideals one of the first essentials must be the reorganisation of the Labour Party on such a basis as t.olJ('Come a real people's party. They must have a party unit- ing all those members of the community whose labour, mental and manual, produced the fabulous wealth which. if equitably distributed would provide a fair standard of life for all, and which would go far towards paying for the i eeonstructing of society. NO ECONOMIC WAR. wril,t asked the people to realise, and ho thought this war had clearly proved it, was that the capitalistic system, as they had known it., had broken down. In its new programme the Labour Party recognised and accepted the principle of the right of all nations, small or Hf'<?t, to t-hoo? for thMnsoiv? the form under which they win live. Th?y d<uioun?d?nnd r?- pndiat?d T.h? idea of all' economic war after Tli-, ldf,,i of ?iii w.,i. ,Tpr revive all the old antagonisms, divide the na- tions into opposing camps, and lead again to secret diplomacy and competitive armaments. THE'RIGHT OF WALES. La bour was convinced that all countries in- cluding Wales, had a. right to autonomous government. The party would fx- pledged to a scheme of separate legislative assemblies in the four countries of the United Kingdom, so that each of those countries could administer and legislate upon matters that were exclusively its own concern. The most patriotic. Welshman would acknowledge that as a political forco Welsh nationalism was still undeveloped. Welsh- men, he ventured to say, aimed at a great deal more than the preservation of annient customs. He hoped their nationalism meant the vigorous development of the material and moral re- sources of the whole people and a keener inter- est in the social and economic problems which awaited solution in the Principality. it? m Pr i n(,t i r?.tl it,v. A feature of the proceedings was the M- nouncement of the quickening interest in La- bour that is manifesting itself amongst the agricultural labourers of North Wales, in con- nection with whom no fewer than 30 trades union branches have. now been ootablished in the area. The membership of the Council now stands at at 30,000. A resolution urging the formation of local Trades and Labour Qouncils in every country or Parliamentary electoral district, with the present council as the "central executive body was unanimously adopted.

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