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I The Electric Theatre


An Open Letter to Arthur HendersonI

New Theatre Manager. I


New Theatre Manager. I I am glad to find Mr. Fred Dry has so com- pletely recovered from his recent illness to take over in toto the management of the Royal. Mr. Dry will, I am sure, quickly win the kudos of our people, for he has had wide experience 111 the vei-v heart of English plavgoing—Manches- ter; and, wha.t is of more importance, he has a personality that one is quickly on terms of friendship with. I know the Broadhead houses on which Mr. Dry has won the respect of his chiefs, the goodwill of his audiences, and the approbation of staff and artistes, and I know that what was good enough for the Broadhead tours, and in particular the Hulme Hippodrome, will be plenty good enough for Merthyr if its scope is unrestricted. Mr. Dry had several cihoioes when he accepted the berrth at the Theatre Royal, including a Grimsby house, where lie was selected from amongst about fifty applicants. Mr. Dry speaks very highly indeed of his late employer, Mr. Percy Broadhead-as "the best man in vaudeville to work for," and I know that the esteem is mutual for I have seen a letter from Mr. Brjadhead that speaks in unqualified terms of Mr. Dry's work during the fourteen years he was with the great Northern houses. I am positive that nothing but failing health would liave loosened the bond that existed between these two, and whilst I am pleased that Mr. Dry has oome to us at the expense of Hulme, and Mr. Broad- head, J can still sympathise with his feelings of regret at leaving Cottonopolis. Before taking up with the Broadhead houses Mr. Dry served under the country's greatest "props"-—Mr. Flannigan, and he himself can set to .and make anything that a company may require. I wish him the best of luck, health and enjoyment during his management of the RoyaJ. PLAYGOER. I

"Peace Offensive" in The House.

it Arthur Henderson at Wrexham.

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