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An Open Letter to Arthur HendersonI


An Open Letter to Arthur Henderson I DKUt MR. HENDERSON,—This letter is ad- dressed to you because you wield a huge amount of influence as the Secretary and one of the chief spokesmen of the Labour Party. You have written a book upon the Aims of La- bour." You represent a middle body of opinion between the left and right wings of the pro- gressive forces. Under the stress of an ap- parent COMMUNITY of interest with the master- class, in the early days of the war you entered the Cabinet; but the more recent door-mat. incident turned many of your critics into your defenders and admirers, and partly swept away the sorry associations of that alliance. Through the war the anguish of a bereaved parent has been voure. A reading of your exposition of too aims of Labour leaves the conviction that you, like many of your fellow-workers, entered the war to defend high ideals and with hands which you sincerely intended to keep cljpan and empty, and that you are resolved to build a new social order upon the ruins of the old. jA REGRETTABLE HESITANCY. I Yot. somehow beneath your future plans and immediate attitude there lvmains a regrettable hesitancy. A tendency to wait until the end of the war before working for this change to wait nationally self-righteous for Germany to reform HER evils; to postpone action; IT-IA (piliv from hehilld; and await events instc-ad of shaping them. Despite the almighty influence of the press and its deliberate- perversions a.nd tbo inexpediency of forcing a political fight upon the old register and with a half-developed party organisation, there aro many factors at work erecting a considerable body of opinion which seems to lack and wait the courageous expression it demands. If the spokesman of Labour does not attempt to break the hypnotic spell, who will?. To be even partially silent is to share in the resulting shame when the tide is fully turned. UNVEILED. I The ruthless Man-Power Bill brings the real- ity of wa.r into thousands of homes. The budget proposals will have a sure, if slow, effect. Industrial conscription is an undoubted fact. Tho authorities have made at least one attempt to use O.O.'R under the Home Office. Scheme strike-breakers. Propaganda and the in- creased circulation of Socialist papers are having their effect. More people tha.n ever are con- vi nced of the ulterior motives of our ?overnin? class. Imperialism in all itA stark-naked, bru- ?aJ u?an<?a is b?in? inc??asin?iy unr?ilod in every land. No person now WANTS to go. A victory upon the field is recognised as an in- possibility by most civilians and soldiers alike, and fortunately D.O.R.A. is not present it many of the conversations of the latter. AN APPEAL. You, Mr. Henderson, cannot be unaware of these factors. You must know that our hato of militarism is being widened to include our own. The dangers of delay must be app&re.nt especially to one who is in hope of great ad- vances by a peio,-ful revolution; who stands for the restoration of all our pre-war liberties and against continued enmity by economic, war.. A s a worker expressing the thoughts of many of my fellows, I appeal to you to oome out with an immediate clear-cut lead at thi critical ?un<?ure. Only by the overthrow of our pre- f?ent rulers and their K n00k-out Blow" policy will the war be ended. This is the premise to all else in the programme and future of La- bour politically or industrially. Undoubtedly your courage would be represented as cowardice in some quarters, and oven a section of the workers may misundorstand for a while. But to help end the drifting of the world into fur- ther barbarism, to aid in the cessation of this holocaust, would be to win undying renown and the wholehearted admiration of the men and womon who are the real soul of the Labour Movement. What finer commencement to the enlarged political activities of Labour could be imagined. Let the new class ri se now out of the wreck of the old. In anticipation that this appeal will not he in vain.—Yours sincerely, I' WAGF WORKKR. I

New Theatre Manager. I

"Peace Offensive" in The House.

it Arthur Henderson at Wrexham.

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