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I The Electric Theatre


I The Electric Theatre Few American authors hane a bigger British public than Kate Wiggis, whose "Levey Mary" and "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" were amongst the first importations of the new school, preceding even the famous O. Henry. Literally millions have enjoyed those two books, and who- ever read them fell under the quiet charm, and real humanity of the work, and bought tha.t still better book I Rebeoca. of Sunnybrook Farm that followed it. It will therefore come as a real piece of joyful news to thousands in our town to learn that delightful little Rebecca and her straight-laced aunts are to be the main feature in the hohday programme at the Elec- tric next week. From Mondav to Thursday charming Mary Pickford will play Rebecca in a reraion of "Sunnvbrook Farm that is true to the book, and that reproduces that distinctive human touch that marks out the stories of Kate Wiggin's as work,; that will live for all time. This big feature has in no ways weakened the rest of the bill. Indeed, the whole is stronger than ever, for not only is there a Billy West extra special comedy The Government," but there is also one of those remarkable Triangle burlesques that the Electric was the first to in- troduce into this borough. For the closing half of next week. Paulino Frederick, that remarkable actress who played "Sapho" and "Bella Donna," is back in the greatest piece of work she has done since those classics of the screen—"The Love that Lives" is its title. The work is probably the finest pieoe of character presentation that the screen has over given us. In addition Pimple is fun- nier than ever in Pimple's Paralysing Per- formance," and there is an attractive list in- cluding a fine episode of the super-serial "The Red Ace." The presort week's programme have been ones of real delight. The main feature for the Mon- day half, "Prisons Without Walls," being one of the finest top liners ever projected anywhere; though it is easily equalled bv the old-time drama The Winning of Sally Temple," that is being so much talked about this end of the ses- sion..Fanny Ward's work as the Queen of Old Drury is amongst the best we have seen. Pimple has a strong comedy as a "P.C. and there is a full attractive list. By the way, I should like to congratulate the management on the im- provement in its orchestra.


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