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Merthyr Notes I


Merthyr Notes I Stipendiary on Clubs. I Men.hyr Stipendiary (Mr. R. A. Griffith) on Friday resumed the adjourned hearing of the police application to strike off the register the Tirphil Workingmen's Constitutional Club. Evi- dence was given bv Thomas Ahearne. sec retary, as to the bona-fides of the institution and the adherence so far as possible to the club rules in its control. The Stipendiary dismissed the application after hearing Ahearne's evidence, which he characterised as perfectly frank and scrupulous and such that refuted the charges made. Clubs of this kind were recognised by law. and nothing but the strongest evidence of gross irregularities would justify the bench striking one off the register. There had been some laxity in regard to the ordering of intoxi- cants as provided for in the rules, and he (Mr. Griffith) suggested that the club authorities should direct their serious attention to this matter. Ob" t A Vaynor Objection. I Vaynor and Penderyn District Council invited Breconshire County Council to join with them in an objection to the Cai-diff Provisional Order of 1918, on the ground that mains were going to be laid for a great length in district and county roads, but the county council considered that their interests were sufficiently protected under the Public Health Act of 1875 and took no action. Commission Agent's Will. I Mr. Thomas Williams, of Wellington House, Merthyr-road Pontypridd. commission agent, who died on November 21st, left estate of the gross value of £9.88. of which £9,4ï6 is net personalty. Testator left his estate to his wife for life, and subject to her interest his shares in the Coedely Building Cluh Xo. 2, Tonyrefail, to the wife of his son Sydney, and certain house property in trust for his children. The residue of his estate the testator left upon trust for his children, Sarah. Edith, Edward, William, and Thomas. Colliery Fatality. I Daniel Davies. aged 56, of Swansea-road, Merthyr. was working as a repairer in the Gethin Pit, Abercauaid. when he was struck on the head by a stone, weighing about 51b. Twelve months later he died from meningitis, which, it was stated at the inquest on Saturday, was due to the accident. Verdict accordingly. Tank for Merthyr. I A tank is to visit Merthyr in June on a (( war-sayings" campaign. Pampered Pigs! I Mr. D. Parry drew the attention, of the Merthyr Health Committee on Friday to the fact that £ 100 had been spent on the erection at the Mardy Isolation Hospital of a piggery accommodating four pigs. It was scandalous, he said. to spend the ratepayers money in s-Lieli a ridiculous manner, and the man responsible for it should be made to foot the bill himself. Lead- ing up to the piggery, was a flight of steps, and when he (Mr. Parry) first saw it he mistook the thing for a pigeons' cote." (Laughter.) It was decided to request the borough architect (Mr. Thackeray) to report upon the items in- cluded in the expenditure complained of. Lonely Woman's Death. I H Death from natural causes was the verdict at an inquest held at Merthyr on Friday on Mary Lewis, aged 69, a spinster living alone in Railway Ten-ace, Plymouth-street, who was found dead on the lfoor of her bedroom after some neighbours, having missed her for two days, had effected an entrance to the house. Aid. Griffitysl Loss. Our sympathies go out. to Ald. Chas. J. Griffiths in the loss he has sustained in the untimely death as the result of an accident underground at Ehhw Vale of an uncle. The interment took place on Wednesday. Personal. I We are pleased to be able to report that Mr. T. J. Evans, the indefatigable treasurer to the Trades and Labour Council, and secretary to the "Pioneer," who met with a rather serious accident whilst at work recently, is now well along the highway to a complete recovery. A Farmer's Oversight. I For selling a cob without a permit from the Breconshire War Agriculture Committee, Charles Price, a Penderyn farmer, was fined 210 at Cefn Coed on Thursday. The cob, which was used for small-holding work, was after sale put to work at a colliery. Thomas Williams, horse- dealer. Aberdare, was proceeded against as the purchaser, but the summons against him was dismissed the prosecution failing to prove he had knowledge of the fact that. the necessary permit had not been obtained. Thirsty Pilgrims. I Five Merthyr men, hot and thirsty after Ai-ms, Cwnitaff, e- walking to the Millers' Arms, Owmtaff, pre- vailed upon the licensee, Robert Harris, I to give something" on Palm Sunday evening. Shortly afterwards a constable found them in the bar with measures of stout and beer before them. Accordingly Harris was fined L2 at Cefn Coed on Thursday for supplying intoxicants during prohibited hours, and the m-,en-Tames Thomas Jenkins, William James, Jerry Dono- van, Evan Morris and Patrick Kennedy-Ll each for consuming. Harris was also fined 21 for supplying drink on the same day to two other Merthyr men John Maley and Evan Thomas, who were ordered to pay 10/- each for being drunk and disorderly on the Cwmtaff-road. Bowls. I On Saturday, May 4th. an interesting match will take place at Cyfarthfa Park between teams captained bv the President and Chairman. First wood bowled at 3 p.m. On the foUowing Satur- day. Thomastown Bowling Green will be formally opened by the Mayoress at 5.30 p.m., when a challenge match will be played between Oyfarthfa and the Merthyr Bowling Clubs. An interesting and close match is expected. The Harry Thomas Case. 1 The King's Bench Divisional Court on Thurs- day last ordered the case of Wilson v. Henry Thomas, conscientious objector, to be remitted to the Merthyr Stipendiary again for the admis- sion of- further evidence by a Home Office official. I.L.P. Collectors Meeting. I The I.L.P. collectors of members' subscriptions I are requested to meet at. the Institute on Mon- I day evening at 7.30 p.m.

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