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ISpain Thanks You


I Spain Thanks You FOR YOUR EFFORTS ON BEHALF OF HER LEADERS. The Spanish colonies of Dowlais and Abercrave ask us to thank the Trades Union Movement of Britain, and of Merthyr in particular, for the assistance rendered in their campaign to com- bat the cruelly repressive means ad" by the Spanish authontaes in the suppression of the Trades Union strikers in Spain. It will be re- membered that owing to the poverty- of the workers and the appalling increases in the costs of foodstuffs, due to the exportation of produce by profiteers, who found the markets external to Spain too tempting to allow the needs of the populace Off SpaIn to override their greed-the workers of Spain began to move in quite con- stitutional ways to ease the situation. Equivo- cation, and the other usual tactics were adopted, and an exasperated populace at last struck. AB usual the strikes resulted in collisions and the use of the armed force of the crown—artillery being used according to the bet;t reports—hun- dreds of trades unionists were arrested, and the Abercrave and Dowlais colonists knowing what that meant petitioned the British Labour move- ment; and were seconded in their efforts by tho Merthyr Trades Council, who petitioned the whole of the British Trades Councils. Now, thanks it is believed to the unanimity of the condemnation of the tactics used by British La- bour, most of the leaders, including "Virginia," the idol of Spanish Democracy, have been re- leased. The opinion of the people of Spain may be guaged from the fact that four of the leaders who were imprisoned were, during their imprisonment, elected to Parliament-—-the Cortex. We are delighted with the issue, and wiHingly pass on the thanks of our Spanish friends.



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