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Labour War Aims I CONFERENCE WITH AMERICAN I LEADERS. The members of the American Labour Delega- tion attended a private conference with the La- bour party Executive, under the chairmanship of Mr. W. S. Purdy, at the Central Hall, Lon- don, on Monday, to discuss the memorandum on war aims. Mr. Arthur Henderson, Mr. Will Thorne, and Mr. Bowerman were among those present. According to newspaper stories the American delegates refused to consider anything but the military defeat of Germany, and nothing would induce them to be a party to the calling of an International Labour (Ion ferenc-o so long as Ger- many militarily occupied aUied territory. Our readers will gather from this the character of the American Labour Movement represented here. An antidote to this kind of talk will be found in an American Socialist's book—Boudin's Socialism and War.

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