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- Merthyr Notes


Merthyr Notes New J.P.'s? I The "Pioneer" learns from a reliable source that amongst the names approved of by the Ad- visory Committee appointed by the Lord Chan- cellor for the selection of now justices of the peace for the borough of Merthyr are those of the following;: Mr. Dan Davies, cattle dealer. Merthyr Mr. Howell R. Jones, general manager of the Dowlais Works; Dr. W. W. Jones, medi- cal practitioner, Merthyr; John Lloyd, retired schoolmaster. Penydarren; Mr. H. W. Southev, printer and publisher. Merthyr; Mr. W. Kd- wards, inspector of schools, Merthyr; Mr. Win. Lewis, draper, Treharris. These recommenda- tions, it is understood, will be made to the Lord Chancellor in due course. Infirmary for Wounded. I Merthyr Guardians, in r?ph'to an jnqllil'.v I from the Local Government Board as to wh?bhpr th?y could accommodate in (-aw of necessity wounded at the Infirmary, offered fifty bods for I that purpose. Playing Mum?" I A young Chinese laundryman, Quong Horn Quong. living at Penydarren, visited a cousin in Cardiff but had no identification hook. and did not notify the authorities of his change of ad- dics«. When questioned at. the Merthyr Rail- way Station by Police-Constable Fry and asked for his relative's address, he suddenly became (Cliiiiill tiloll'h previously he appeared to be passably acquainted with English. Undertaking to comply with the registration requirements in future, defendant, brought before the magis- trates at on Friday, was let off on the payment of costs. Poor Law Relief Increased. I On the motion of Mr. John Prowle. seconded by Mr. John Lloyd, it was decided at Saturday's meeting of the Merthyr Guardians to increase the extra war relief granted by the lioird from 40 per cent, to oO per cent, from May 1st next. when die extra relief for coal ceases. Education Calls Unchanged. I Although the 11)18-19 pstinmtps presented the Merthyr Education Authority on Friday amounted to a (-all on the borough fund of ft]D( l of £40,(U, it was agreed on the advice of the Bor- ough Controller (Mr. W. H, Harris) to make only a can of {::8.00()--t.he sum required the previous year—as the difference could if neces- sary. be met by the balance in hand. With an expenditure of £ 90.000 and income of :C56,.40, the fall on the fund for elementary education -w is £ 33,700, whilst for higher education it was £ 6.334. the expenditure in the latter instance being €10.739 and income, £ 4.40o. The Preachers' Plaint. Mr. 1). W. Jones (Chairman) pleaded the cause of the preachers at, meeting of the Merthyr Parks and Cemeteries Committee, his plaint being on the "shameful insufficiency of the fees pa-id them—2s. 6d. in the case of ordinary graves, and os. in respect of bricked i-at-es-foi- officiating at funerals. The cemeteries, he said, were far out of town, and he would venture to say it often meant that fchev had to work four or five hours in all kinds of weather for such ridiculously small fees. Something should he done to remedy matters. Mr. L. J1. Francis: Isn't that a matter for their trade* union P (Laughter.) Mr. Wm. Jones thought the cemeteries should be made to pay for themselves," and the burial charges increased to that end. Mr. D. W. Jones: Every person btirl e(I in thLs parish costs the ratepayers los. to 20. If people only understood that, tliev would rather pay more! T don't think they want to he buried at the expense of the Corpora- tion. Eventually the matter was relegated to the next meeting of the committee. Guardians' New Chairman. I Mr. S. Bohvell, Bedlinog, was nn Saturday appointed chairman by the Merthyr Guardians, and Mrs. M. A. Edmunds. Troedyrhiw, was elected to the vice-chair." the first lady mem- ber of the hoard to hold that position. Police Pat Cost. I According to the estimates for the ensuing year passed by the Merthyr Watch Committee on Friday, the recent advances in wages and bonuses to policemen, bringing the pay item up to £ 9.500, involved an increase of £ 2.014. The aggregate expenses of the committee, however, were £ 13,824, and income £6.848, an increase of tile previous year. Auditor Snubbed. Mr. M. D. Propert (district auditior) wrote to the Merthyr Guardians asking that the books of account should he forwarded him so that he might enter his reasons therein if the guar- dians were appealing; against his surcharges. The reply of the guardians was that they wei-e certainly appealing and the hook", would be sub- mitted him at the usual place of audit: to wit. the board-room at the Merthyr Workhouse, when next he was in the town. Hospital Beds Re-Opened. As a result of the dec-i.sion of the Merthyr and Dowlais Districts of miners to contribute the in- creased su bscriptions of 4/- per mem ber per year towards the support of the Merthyr Gen- eral Hospital the eleven beds recently closed down at the institution, because of lack of funds, are to be re-opened immediatelv. Esperanto. Je Sa,bato la 100 de Aprilo, le In-ine monata kunveno de Ksperantistoj okazis ce Cefn. Estis plezuro vidi Merthyr tie. kaj einj pasis gojan tempo 11. Post te-nvango f'astro D.B. Jones, Penydarren kaj F-ino M. Morgan, Cefn, legis tre interesai paperoi pri la "Amikeeo de Libroj." king esti s bonegai. S-ro Evans kej F-ino Harris, Vaynor. estis ankau tie. La venonta kunveno okazos je la 9a de May r-e Pontaarn. Cyfarthfa Castle Bowlinq Club. At a well attended meeting of the members, under the Presidency of Mr. Thos. Nibloe, ar- rangements were made for the ensuing season, which is to be opened with a match between Mr. Xibine's team and a team to lie produced by Mr. Milton Thomas (the chairman). A gra- tifying report upon prospects was given by Mr. W. Williams, the energetic secretary. Death of Mr. J. D. Price. The death occurred on Monday afternoon at 4 Park Terrace, of Mr. J. D. Price, of the firm of Messrs. J. n. Price and Son (Mr. W. Price), wholesale provision merchants, Gle-hdand Street, lit the a dvanced age of 82 years. The deceased gentleman, a native of Glasbury, established thi* well-known business il)f)iit forty years ago, and had extensive trading connections in the in- dustrial vallies. He took an active and intelli- gent interest in his duties until about a week before hifo; death, the cause of which was bron- chitis induced by a cold. Previous to entering upon the provision business, he was for a long period a passenger guard on the G.W.R.. and throughout his long career he was held in great respect by the many people %i-I tli whout he came in contact in Merthyr and other parts of South Wales. The funeral, which was private, took place yesterday (Thursday), the interment being at Cefn Cemetery. Mr. Price is survived by his son and three daughters. Merthyr Allotments Association. At the annual meeting, Mr. John Mann was re-elected president. Dowlais Parents' Loss. Intelligence was received last week of the death in action of Lance-Corporal H. Ewart Rees, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Kees, Victoria Street, Dowlais. The Officer Command- ing the company to which he l/elonged wrote that he died tig-hting as a soldier and a man in the greatest battle—the battle of Cambrai. The deepest sympathy has })('('n expressed 011 all hands with the bereaved parents, and resolu- tions of sympathy have tw('n sent to them by various bodies. The deceased young man was of great scholarlv promise and of fine phvsique. He matriculated at the age of sixteen, when he was a student at the Merthyr Intermediate School, and lie afterwards entered the Univer- sity College of South Wales, Cardiff, which lie left some time ago to join up'. He was entitled to promotion on merit, and was qualifying by overseas service for a Commission. Tobacco Queues. Then' were hundreds of people in queues at several of the leading tobacco shops on Satur- day evening, and in the course of a few hours all available supplies of tobacco and cigarettes were exhausted. Direct Payment of Rates. Merthyr Chamber of Trade sent the Corpora- tion on Tuesday a resolution ad vocating tlie direct payment of rates on tenement property where compounding is allowed, and requesting the Town Council to adupt.such a change in system. The question was referred to the over- seer for a report. Labourite's Bereavement. Bombardier Brinley Devanald, R..F.A., son of Mr. John Devonald. Cottrell-street. A herfan. a iiieiiiiwi- of the Merthyr Trades and Labour Council, has died in hospital in France from gas poisoning. Before enlisting three years ago ,,a.? 1)oisoiiI ng. ft(-foi-?p f?iilI .,tiii,- lie Ni-as an 16t j?,? vill(?,I Home Secretary Declines. The Home Secretary has declined to interfere with the sentence passed at the Glamorgan As- sises upon Mr. James. Pentrebach, in respect to the local church savings-bank case. New Liberal Association. Merthyr Literals, at a meeting held at Bent- ley's Hall. Merthyr, on Wednesday, decided to a Liberal Association for the new ly con- stituted Parliamentary division of Merthyr, to comprise of both sexes, and a committee was appointed to draft the rilles and constitution. Mr. W. R. Edmunds presided. Merthyr Judge and Allotment Fencing. M isses R. and C. Williams, Glynmil Farm, were sued at Merthyr on Wednesday ?t- ?17 7s. j damages caused by alk'?d ttcspa?s of (lefend-? ants' sheep upon aHoHnents owned by five Pen- trebach workmen. Making an award of t2 5s., Judge Roberts said that in the case of common mountain land reclaimed for tillage by allot- ment holders the liability to fence rested upon j the allirt-ters. However, he found for plaintiffs, I holding that as there was snow on the ground and no grass available for the sheep in conse- quence it was the duty of defendants to find them food. The evidence showed that the sheep did not trespass until the snow arid hard wea- ther had come.

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