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IPlymouth Notices Withdrawn.

Did Not Pull Brother Out

Allotment of Sugar

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Allotment of Sugar SAVING FOR PRESERVES NOT HOARDING. The Director of Sugar Distribution desires it to be clearlv understood (a) That there is no intention in the early future to reduce the amount of the weekly domestic ration of sugar. (b) That in making special allotments of sugar through the local Food Committees under the scheme for providing fruit growers with sugar for domestic preserving, no account will he taken of any sugar saved out of the weekly ration. (c) That the saving of sugar out of the do- mestic ration for jam-making not only does not constitute hoarding, but is a course which is eminently desirable in the public interest under existing circumstances.

Coal Output


I South Wales Operative Bakers.

ILabour and University Seats.

I-The Electric Theatre

I Labour's May Day.

The New J.P."s.

IMiners and A. L. Cook.

IA. C.O.'s Statement.I

IThe W. H. Mainwaring Case.