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IPlymouth Notices Withdrawn.

Did Not Pull Brother Out


Did Not Pull Brother Out SHOCK UNNERVES RHYMNEY MAN. An inquest was held at H hpHlley on Wednes- day on Charles MeMahone (39), CoHiers' -row, Rhymncy, who was found in the Brynmenyn Pond on Sunday. Mrs. MeMahone ,-lid her husband had been ill and depressed. He went out on Sunday afternoon and her brother-in- law went to look for him. Arthur Henry McMahonne said he saw his brother in the pond abont three or four yards from the side, the water being about 4 ft. deep, and deceased seemed quiet enough." Ques- tioned by the Coroner, witness said ho did not pull him out., but went for a brother. He was too nervous to pull him out. From the time be Raw deceased to the time he was taken out about ten minutes elapsed. The, Coroner: Just enough time for him to finish drowning. You should not have done that; the water was only 4ft. deep and you are about 5ft. 5in. Witness answered that the shock of seeing the deceased upset him. Another brother in court said the previous witness was excited at the time. A verdict of Death by drowning while of unsound mind" was returned.

Allotment of Sugar

Coal Output


I South Wales Operative Bakers.

ILabour and University Seats.

I-The Electric Theatre

I Labour's May Day.

The New J.P."s.

IMiners and A. L. Cook.

IA. C.O.'s Statement.I

IThe W. H. Mainwaring Case.