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IThe W. H. Mainwaring Case.


The W. H. Mainwaring Case. INDIGNATION IN THE RHONDOA. TO THE BDITOR. Sir.—At our last meeting of the Mid-Rhondda Branch of the Women's Suffrage Society, the recent prosecution of Mr. W. H. Mainwaring iind(n- D.O.R.A. for statements made at our public meeting on March 3rd at the Llwynypia Baths, came up for consideration. All our mem- bers who were present at the meeting are con- fident that Mr. Mainwaring did not state that hundreds of women were being sent out to France for immoral purposes, as was attributed to him oy the police. We are getting up a petition to be signed by those present at the meeting stating that Mr. Mainwaring did not utter the words as set out in the evidence of the police. In a letter written after her reading the account in the paper, Miss Matters, tthe lecturer ?Oll March 11th, %tates: There is either some awful mistake or a misearraige of justice. Whaot can we do P I could see members in the House of Commons if that is of any use, or I could write to the authorities at Pontypridd. Now this is my memory of Mr. Mainwaring's state- ment—and memory is my strongest faculty. Never a word about the W.A.A.C. or any other organisation, but a plain statement that 0 where- as in the past to meet the imagined require- ments of men (soldiers) the powers that be had allowed women-nativ women—of the East to !?e used for such a purpose; in the present situation these women were of Western Europe, perhaps women of our own i-a,(-c-English, Scotch, Welsh, etc.—meaning that where there were houses of ill-fame there would be gathered young women of all available nationalities, a.nd that fact should cause us to take the matter to heart. But to take such a, statement as a covert attack on the W.A.A .C. or any other organised body of women is either a (Ireadful mixtah-e or a wilful effort to convict an innocent man." I', The letter of Miss Matters was sent unsolicited to one of our members who has kept up a cor- respondence with her. We had not gone to the expense of having Mi?s Matters as a witness, since we thought that of four prominent local people should be convincing. Since the trial several who were present at the meeting ad- dressed by Mainwaring have expressed their cor- roboration of the evidence given for the defence and their indignation at the outrageous injus- tice about to be meted out to him. f remain, yours faithfully. GWEN RAY (Hon. Sec.) 40 Blanch Road, Williams town, Rhondda, Aiwil 21st, 1918.