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Kenfig Hill Notes I I.L.P. Chairman's Loss. I Our deepest sympathy is extended to Comrade Thos. and Mrs. Mitchell upon the loss of their youngest son, who died on Tuesday. The in- terment took place on Saturday at Pontycym- mer, of which town our Chairman is a native. Visit to the Front. It was decided at the last district meeting of the Garw miners, that the invitation of the Government to send representatives of the Federation to the Front be accepted. The number allocated to the Garw was four. Among those selected was Mr. J. Woolley, the chair- man of the district and secretary of the Kenfig Hill I.L.P. At a subsequent mass meeting of Kenfig miners, Comrade Woolley was criticised for accepting the invitation on the grounds that he claimed to be opposed to war.' Per- sonally, I disagreed with Mr. Woolley on the same grounds, also that to see actual warfare would be of no material use to a man who op- posed the source of wars. Curiously, the dis- cussion showed that the workmen were not op- posed to a representative going out, but it should be someone in favour of the war, and from what I further gathered, there is a lot of professional jealousy among the delegates them- selves. Why they want to go out as "visitors" is beyond my comprehension, yet they are a very necessary acquisition to the reactionaries in keeping opinion divided at home. "Tel inaitre. tel valet." I I.L.P.'Meeting. I We are expecting S. O. Davies, of Tumble, here in a week or so. We hape he will be able to "tumble" some of the theories of "our most respecta ole" "ill urn m ens" in this locality. Anyway, there will be. quite a lot of us who will I be glad to welcome the B.A. to Kenfiir Hill. j C.G.F. I

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