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German Socialists' Moral Collap se HAASE'S COURAGEOUS STAND. I ALSACE-LORRAINE THROUGH GERMAN I EYES. One of the results of the German peace with Russia has been the collapse of the German Majority Social Democrats as a moral force (says the Manchester Guardian."). Though they form the largest democratic party in the Reich- stag they are sinking deeper and deeper into the opportunism to which they committed them- selves at the outbreak of the war, and indeed it would appear that-the party's only claim to im- portance will soon be the fact that it belongs to the Reichstag Majority (the Centre, the Progres- sives, and the Social Democrats) and .so exerts a certain influence on the Government. In his last speech to the Reichstag Scheidemann, the Majority Socialist leader, spoke of the Russian tragedy," and merely said that the peace with Russia, was not as they had imagined it. There was not a word of protest. The Majority Social- ists had not the courage to stand by their prin- ciples and fight for them. THE MINORITY PROTEST. I The only people to raise their voices in pro- test were the Minority Social Democrats, or the Independent Socialists, as they call themselves. Speaking in their name Herr Haase pointed out to the Reichstag that it was impossible to recon- cile the ultimatum to Russia with the Reichstag resolution which the Chancellor had accepted on taking office. He said: "We protest most energetically against this policy of violation. Count Hertling is only the signboard of the Government; in reality the all-powerful military party rules, governed by Ludendorff. The Ukraine Treaty has been concluded with a non-existent Government. The Ukraine will undoubtedly go over to Russia again. e can see no step towards peace in the trea ty with the Ukraine. The so-called ratifi- cation of frontiers in Poland-means nothing else than a new partition of Poland. From -Finland, too, come stories of atrocities. As a matter of fad, there is revolutionary order in Finland. Be- ware of extending the role of liberator to the independent and mature population of Finland, that has had universal suffrage for men and women ioi a long time now. ALSACE LORRAINE. I The way peace is being concluded in the east can only be to out disadvantage. Our children and grandchildren will have to pay for this polley with their blood. And how does this policy a-itect our opponents in the west? Does anybody oe leve that under the impression of the Russian ultimatum any other Government that is not completely beaten will enter into separate nego- tiations wlth Germany? The designs upon Briey and Longwy are not yet completely put aside bv authoritative quarters. We demanded complete autonomy for Alsace- Lorraine before the war. But it is incompre- hensible to all Socialists that hundreds of thou- sands should be sacrificed mainly for the sake of Alsace-Lorraine. The democratic parties are always insisting that the population will decide for Germany in, the event of a plebiscite. Then why do they oppose with all their might the idea of a referendum? 5'

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Liberalism Means Just The…