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The Electric Theatre. I The evils of the old regime in Russia were ad- mirably portrayed at the Merthyi Electric Theatre this week in two magnificent produc- tions, MllBlova." a fine interpretation of Tol- stoy's fatuous work. "Resnrrootion." and putin. a picture suggested by the romantic life- story of Russia's arch-intriguer and ''power be- hind the throne." Cleverly stage-managed with all the artiifces of photo-play production, "Ras- putin is a masterpiece that will live long in memories of cinema audiences, and pioturegoers who have not yet witnessed it, might well avail t hemselves of the opportunity of the two re- waining day of this week that it is being screened. Amongst the other features in the piogramme lor to-day (Friday) and Saturday are .splendid interest, comedy, drama and news films, together with more Eddie Polo thrills in the current instalment of the Grey Chost serial. Next- Monday's show is headed by V Woman's Calvary with a gripping tale of love and devotion. Jonah's adventures after taking up residence in' the interior of a whale is the basis ol half-ati-hoiir's unrestraintMl hilarity in a Keystone-Triangle gem. Huht Hulu Land." Molly BIIWII is the star film from Thursday onwards. A pioturisation of Mrs. Ffun^erforefs well-known novel, it is beautiful in pot-ti-a Y:) and. with Alma Taylor and Stewart Rome in the leading roles, siii.ix)i-tM by a famous Hep- worth Caste, it is second to none of the big American film prod uctions. Risks and Rough Nt-(-k Tbt-- Ilron) I I ri,r title of the comedy feature, whilst each of the progrgamures for the week is particularly strong in seeondaiy pic- tures.

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