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, Women and Politics.


Women and Politics. CO-OPERATIVE GUILD DISCUSS VITAL QUESTIONS. MRS. WILLIAMS' FINE ADDRESSES AT TON PENTRE. A very successful One Day's School was held on W e-dnesday by the Ton Co-operative W omen's Guild, when Mrs. David Williams (ex- Mayoress of Swansea) gave lectures on "00- operative A\ omen and Political Action and Co-operation and Internationalism." The meetings were well attended, the subjects were very ably dealt with by the speaker, and the discussion was very instructive and interesting. Dealing with the question on Political Action, Mrs. William. pointed out how everything that affects a nation is brought aJ>out. by legislation. We only had to look I)ticli t,lie outbreak of this war and note thr acts that had been parsed concerning same, such as the Registration Act, Derby Scheme. Military Service Acts. Conscrip- tion, Munitions Act, Xationa 1 Service Scheme, etc., and the controlling of our food supplies. The speaker then pointed out thf" great unfair- ness that the Government had meted out to Co- operators as to their supplies. The Co-operative Movement had no direct representation in Par- liament to see to our interests, but now that the the Co-operative [Movement had decided to seek direct representation, we could hope to remedy n a tiers in the iutnre. But Co-operators should not rest content to only seek representation in Parliament, but to work to get direct repre- sentation on town and urlmn councils and all public bodies, especially on the local food control com mittees. Out of aoout 670 members in Parliament these days there were only 40 representing the workiag classes directly. Mrs. Williams in her closing remarks strongly urged the women to take a keener interest in Co-operation and poli- tics, so that when the General Election comes. we. as women, would be able to use our vote wisely and to the interests of our own class. At the evening meeting Mrs. Williams Rpoke 01. Internationalism." She pointed out how dependent we are one upon another. "No man liveth to himself alone, neither did nations live to themselves alone, and any person who believed in the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of Man was bound to believe in Internationalism. It was not a case of one God for each nation, but one God for all nations. If that spirit could oidv lif- realised, wars would cease. The League of Nations would help to realize that spirit, when all nations could meet in Conference to discuss thir points of view. and disputes could be settled in a much more sane and hu- mane way than at present. It was Capitalist greed for territory and commerce, secret treaties, etc., which led os to wars, and it was the true spirit of Co-operation applied to an Interna- tional life that was going to bring a change about. The resolution was sent on to the Prime Min- ister, the Right Hon. Bonar Law, and the local M.P.



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