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Avan Valley Notes. 7 (By Democritus). — A Liberal-Labour Ass(jpja.ijop has .been formed: at Aberavon under the chairmanship of Mr. Charles P. No compulsion wiil be placed OIl the Labour members of this Associa- tion to wear silk hats and frock coats, but the* will have to voie Liberal every time. Beer, g lorious lieer' was tiie subject oj it pi (J- tes 1 meeting lieid recently at ye Ancient Bor- ough..The curtailment of our national bever- age has engendered untold hardship on the de- votees of Bacchus has even threatened out existence as a nation, consequently a protest was held against this pro-German action ol the f,o\eminent„ Britons must have their beer hough nations tall and children starve. What siith the poer — "The old woman scolds, ami t lie kids the> look frail. Instead of their school-books they eari'y the pail A\ e d keep op on beefsteak and bread il w, could. But they cost mere than beer and ain't neat as good." i ? j j S()ttn'\(H)n'j.t)tan\it?n"!)'('anjt\'[ha:id! lI'(.tio;! (';llht';¡;1 IIlltt, ar '\11' n"p;'l'd' Jw.t- 1'( -k' if! *N Ao t i nI --a i i., resolution of protest against the continued in- carceration ami ill-treatment of conscientious oh jectors, ft e certainly difficult to understand the mental psychology 01 an individual who can- not sympathise with men who. whether right or wrong, are true to their belief's and are suffer- ing lor their beliefs; but who. himself believing in the righteousness of the war, and who advo- cates the prosecution of the war, yet pi esu ma b! v, !rd\??hd) advantage ot a protected trade ''?..c?p i t? olt It I II  > ft os also a reflection not any means flat- | tering to his intelligence inid the .?pi'-?aftx questions put 111 the M-If-suue words by this, sol!-advertising youth at all kinds of m?un?, ;ill l?in(]-; of i!iqt,t 11 th( subject of the address 1 his young man wants to s know if the speaker believes in majority rule m Trades I niom. Pity toilnd a young man with ?'?'? a nice crop of hair ?n devoid of the elemen- tary principles of logic, and so destitute of .the j f ?l 1. l?'I 11 1)1(., f I it, ? zo ( it', i I ? 1! (, t' oh n spoke a r tin. Dockers' Mall. Pori Talbot, mi Sunday evening last, had a very narrow escape from a "tTion" accident on his journey to the meeting. Ti) I mishap, however, did not interfere with his How of eloquence. As js always the case when Mr. Thomas is announced to speak, a large audience had gatheied toget her, and needless to say it was not scut empty away. A speaker of a like' calibre to Mr. Thomas is .\1 ,J, H. Maxwell, M..V.. who spoke at the Dockers' Hall the Friday evening previous. A movement that can boast of such enthusiastic and talented young men is bound to surmount all obstacles. '] 11 <. Liberal-Labour' Associations are welcome to the wind-bags and nincompoops of the Trade i n;on Movement so long as the l.L.P. can claim the services of the truly pro- gressive elements. or. So Mr. Bob Williams, of' the Transport. Workers' Fnion has consented to be nominated for the A bora von Parliamentary Division. Xùt many, perhaps, know that Mr. Williams is a Welshman and a native of Swansea. Most people who read know of Mr. Williams as an uncompromising champion of Labour, and in Port Talbot he will be remembered with grati- tude for the fight lie made recently against vested interests when the Taibaeh Co-op. was boycotted in its efforts to get flour. Printed and published Ly the National Labour Press, Ltd., at the Labour Pioneer Press. Williams Square, Merthyr Tydfil, S.VTCPDAY. FFBIJVAPT 23rd, 1018.

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