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Theatre Royal. I They toll me that there lias been a run on handkerchief's in our local haberdashery de- partments, that bowler hat of a care-worn ap- pearance arc manifesting a belated appearand' on hatstand s to wilil(-Ii Li,.e since the cult of the velour came a few years ago. And I know why. Devant is at the Theatre Tlqyal, and the desire to magish in the best style of Egyptian Hall is always infections. I have seen Devant many times, the first time the run- ning expenses of failing to acquire his art cured me of ambitions in that direction and now I en- joy him without envy or ambition. Everyone enjoys him. He is alone in his work, whether it is t"he of I t-of-iiin(! ti,j- t.lic,lill- pressive mystification of the inclined plane, and the vanishing lad'es. Conjurors come and con- )ure)s ?'o. bnt there i" (?n!y one ma?ioian tonrs the provinces—the David Devant of the Royal this week. It needs no words of mine to paint the attraction of his show, for all Merthyr is talking about him., There is a g-ood bill, too. The George Edwardes Company's visit to the theatre next week should prove an event of par- ticular interest to Merthyr pl aygoers, as it is the first presentation of The Happy Day." This very delightful musical play made a great success at Daly's Theatre. London, and sained I the whole-heart« d admiration of Press and public for the excellent "book," the Beauty of the music, and the sumptuous staging. The book is by Seymour Hieks, and tells a romantic story of a certain princes betrothed to a prince she has never seen, for diplomatic reasons, of their meet- ing without knowledge of one another's identity, and the mutual affection that arises, leading to the happiest result. The adventures of the pair are of great interest, and the whole is leavened with lots of exuberant and irro.stible fun. The limbic is by Sidney Jones, who gave us the never to be forgotten Geisha. San Fov and many other masterpieces of light music, with adde<l numbers by Paul Rubens. The lyrics by the no less well-known specialist in his line. Adrian Ross. So that it will be seen that thi", is truly a;> All-British Production. The scenery, dresses, etc., are all 011 the scale of lavish expenditure, great beauty and perfect taste, that has always been asso- ciated with the plays sent on tour by the Daly Theatre management. The Company has been most carefully chosen, a.nd wiTI h., found to in- clude artistes of oiitstandin- merit singers and actors. For such an exceptional attraction it is wise to book seats in advance.

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