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Kenfig Hill Notes Maxwell ar:d Clyde Workers.' Mr. J. Fl. Maxwell. ALA.. Glasgow, addressing a meeting at the Institute. Kenfig Hill, on Wed- nesday, said he was there to give the truth (not as given in the daily papers of the capitalist c!ass) on tl)e attitude of the C lyde men toward any ttt(,"il)?t I (.oll-li? o Iiti their workers for the Army. Their policy was not only to resist any more men being taken but a stop-the-wai policy. He explained how pledges had been given by the Government to the A.S.E. that dilutees should be combed out nr?t. but t!)e?e p?'d?es were not bein.? kept.  ?t s l iort Mr. Max?cH .?ave the audience a short bio- graphy of Mr. Lloyd George, Lords Milner and Curzon, the references to JJonl George bring- ing some interruptions which did not seem to affect the speake rinuch. That little tin god." the ]?in?g ol Cam bria/'had aIIhf M'ann'd when Davie Kirkwood introduced him to the Clyde workers. Many qnpstion?- were asked anil answered, one being whether all brave and wise men came from Scotland. Oil no," was the reply. "there are quite as many poor I deluded fools in Scotland as there were in South Wales." No more questions from that quarter. One man kept up a "1111 of questions on the difference net-ween war and strikes. Needless to say, though so elementary were the questions. this man. middle-aged as he was, was so devoid of class-consciousness that he could not see a hole in a ladder," and he was not reconciled. The following resolution was moved by Mr. ('. Forester and seconded by Air. T. Mitchell, and was carried unanimously — That this meeting pledges itself to support an immediate peace by negotiation, believing that it is only by this method of reason that this terrible slaughter shall be ended. We therefore call upon every trade unionist to use their industrial weight collectively, to oppose any further incursion into our ranks, by the insipid tools of the ruling classes and that we give our whole attention to prepare, and con- solidate our forces, for the furtherance of the class-war at home." Comrade C. C. Forester presided.

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