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I Rhondda East I RESULT OF BALLOT FOR MINERS" CANDIDATE I PROBABILITY OF THREE BALLOTS. The result of the ballot of the miners resident in Hhondda East which was takt'n last Thurs- day and Friday at the collieries was reported upon as follows at the meeting of the Executive council of the S.W.M.F. on Wednesday: — D. Watts Morgan 4,559 T. 1. Mardy Jones 2.341 Tom Smith 2,093 A. J. Cook 1,81 fi W. H. Ma in waring 1.321 John Hughes 1,291 Total 13,421 The Council decided that the three highest names go to a second ballot. A third ballot will also be necessary if the nominee who secures the highest number of votes fails to secure a clear majority over the other two. That is, the lowest of the three falls out and the higher of the two who go to a third ballot will be declared Hooted, and ins name will then 'be submitted to a duly convened Labour conference of all the Labour and Socialist organisations in the Rhondda East Division. Other eligible organisations will also be entitled to submit a nominee at this forth- coming conference providing the national organ- isation of the bianch nominating has previously endorsed the nominee and is prepared to finance his election campaign and the election expenses in the event of his selection by the. local Labour Party conference. But as there is no likelihood of any other nominee being put Torwa-rd in this way it means that in a constituency "like East Rhondda the successful candidate in the miners l-illot will become the Labour Party candidate pledged to run as such, and if elected to abide by the constitution and programme of the La- bour Party.

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