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iMaesteg Notes. I


Maesteg Notes. I Food Problem. At a meeting representative of Maesteg miners, railwaymen, municipal empioyees, Free Church ilitilil(-l I)al (?iiil-ilov. e ,ll'i-et, and I)iite,hei-s, liel(i at solntion was adopted unanimously Jocou??l]o??ding the Food Control Committee to take steps to pool all sii|xplies coming into the town and dis- tribute them equitaolv on the sugar'card basis. It was also agreed to recommend the Committee to set lip municipal kitchens and form" con- sinners' ward I I I k recognised by the Food Control Committee. The Food Exe- cutive officer stated that he would suggest to his committee that a member of the Food Control Committee should have a seat upon each of the Ward Committees, so that he could report upon recommendations and findings. pPolice at Maxwell's Meeting. I At Maesteg OIl Monday J. H. Maxwell, M.A., of Glasgow, delivered an address npon the man- power hill and the .situation on the Clyde. A it honoured by the pres- ence of police shorthand reporters and the local Inspector. Mr. Canton. They were not exactly welcomed, and were made to understand that their presence wouici not "act as a deterrent to I the speaker or the local branch. A resolution protesting against the sentence and imprison- ment of Mr. R. C. Wallhead and demanding his immediate iclease (which was moved in a short but vigorous speech by Mr. A. G. Jorws, and se- conded by Mr. T. J. Jones) was carried unani- mously by the audience, only the police refrain- ing from support. > The audience at the sugges- tion of Mr. A. G. Joins showed their apprecia- tion and respcet for the late James Conelly and our comrades in Russia who had lost their lives in the cause of Democracy (not forgetting our own C. si Iiy standing with bared heads. —————————————

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