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I Teachers' Salaries T eachers'-Salaries REVISED SCALE ADOPTED AT MERTHYR. ALD. LEWIS WORRIES ABOUT THE RATES. I ine revised scale ot salaries to Merthyr secon- dary and elementary school-teachers—the cost of the increases granted titus being £ 981 for the former class and latter during the current year of which the amounts estimated to b<? received from the supplementrv grant of the Board of EdueaÜo'n are £L387 and £ï.800 l eivpwtively—includes the following advances 'a(lva nees Secondary.—Maximum of graduate assistants (men) £ 240 to £ 260, (women) £ 200 to with increases in respect to-three non-graduate mas- ters to £ 240. Elementary.—U ncertificated teachers for the yvar ending March 31 next advanced £ 20 to be then paid a. minimum of £w, with annual incre- nl(-Iljt" of III). to 1. f i:100 for men ments of ?.? up 10 a maximum of £ 100 for men and £ f)0 for women, future appointments of such teachers being limited- to three years supple- mental j teachers £ oo to £ 0o by yearly advances of t(i married women war-supply teachers' in- creased to £ 90 (certificated), 7iL6.- (uneertineAted) and C-55 (supplementary). \Yhen the scale caiiie before the Mert-hvr Education Authority for adoption on the re- commendation of the Salaries Sub-Committee its acceptance with respect to Secondary Education was moied by Mr. F. T. James, who regarded the revised rate* as reasonable, and ALr. F. A. Phillips seconded expressing the opinion that the sub-committee had done what they con- sidered fair to the teachers concerned. Aid. AVm. Lewis moved a direct amendment that the scale should be rejected in totality. The other day they had been reproached bv Labour members that certain other members of the Cor- poration were always advancing officials' salaries and not paying the same regard for the work- men s interests. Now, it was found that no less than five members of the Laiiour Partv were on this sub-committee, and they were told they were unanimous in the recommendation of the j increases. So Labour had now something to answer for. i Mr. A. ilson These are not officials. Aid Lewis; That is a, very nice wav of de- scribing it,. He continued by quoting a £.50 per year advance to a headmaster of one of the secondary schools, and then read a. statement or the education rates for laB authorities in the < ounti among which (he said) the average was Is. 8jd. in the, -C, whereas Merthyr's rate was 2s. 9^d. the highest in the. countrv. Now it wa.s proposed to make further increases whilst the total rates wero II/- In the £ with no pros- pects of advances in ratable values. He had yet to learn that the education imparted and the results obtained in Merthyr were superior to those of other districts. Cardie's education rate "a.s. Old. in the C; Newport, Is. 10d. Swan- sea, 2s. od., and Gloucester. 2s. He thought it unreasonable to grant such tremendous advances which were unjustified having regard to the faet; that their educa-tion rate was 62 per cent. above the average for other towns. Mr. E. Morrell (chairman) pointed Out that though the rate might be high the administra- tin" cost in Merthyr was the lowest in South Wales. Mr. Wilson, supporting the committee's re- commendation, said when they had attempted to a Hot site the Eisher Grant some time ago the re- sult was a miserable failure from the teachers' point of view. For a fow years, at least the ratepayers would not to boar any burden as there would be no addition to the rates. But as the years went by. taking the estimated grant in 1920 a.s £ 1,587, the cost would be received—but by then it was hoped the grants would be increased. He hoped tha.t the teachers would accept this revised scale as an honest attempt to meet the situation. Alderman Wm. Lewis had no seconder for his a.meindment, and after voting on several other amendments affecting various aspects of the scale, the recommendations in respect to second- ary education were adopted. Mr. Morrell moved the ratification of the ele- mentary education proposals and Mr. R. P. Rees seconded. Mr. L. M. Francis and Mr. W. Jones brought up an amendment reducing the three years limit for engagement of uncertificated school teachers to two years, but on a division it was lost. The two years' limit," said Mr. .Francis," will cause parents to make efforts to get their children into college quickly, and would obviate the authority's trouble with uncertifi- cated teachers. We insist upon their qualifying in two years." After further discussion the scalo in regard to the elementary school teachers was adopted with- out variation.

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