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D.O.R..A. Still Active. ARNOLD LUPTON SENTENCED TO SIX MONTHS. FOR DISTRIBUTING LEAFLETS. At {low-street on Saturday Mr. John Dickin- son pa.s-se d sentence of six months' imprisonment in tho second division on Mr. Arnold Lupton foj- Ixnng in possession' of leaflets, for aiding and abetting the pirnting of them without the prin- ter's address, and for publishing and disposing of them. S. H. Street, a Strcatha.m pa-inter, who was sunimoned-^oi- printing and publishing them withou^nts name and address appearing on them, was fined £ 62 10s. and 10 guineas costs on the first summons and 5 guineas costs on the second. The proceedings arose out of the distribution of the leaflet, which prosecuting counsel described as wicked and mischievous," outside the Cen- tral Hall last August. Mf-. Llewellyn Williams. K. C.. continuing his address for the defence, argued that the prose- cution had not connected Lupton with the pam-' phlet, an-cl tit-nied that there was anything in the leaflet which could be properly (-,Llled wieke(I and malicious matter." The facts it contained were true and the expressions of opinion were moderate, reasonable, and fair. Echoes of revo- lution were reverberating throughout the Conti- nent. and if public opinion did not find expres- sion one way it would find it in another. Sir John said that he was satisfied that the whole tendency of the decument and its inten- tion was mischievous, and was such as to cause disaffection. The suggestions in it were sedi- tious, dangerous to the State, and prejudicial to recruiting. They were not a fair and detached expression of opinion, and were statements which nobody with any feeling of responsibility would or ootild have made. Mr. Williams --Are notice of appeal.

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