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i Mr. Hyndman Annoyed I


i Mr. Hyndman Annoyed I SECRET DIPLOMACY OF A PEACE MISSION I h <' v(?"- .T.n ?cia?ist Mr. H. M. Hyndman. tine veteran Socialist l<uk'r, I??u-m? before The Polish Society at the Ho>bc»rn Re?ta.urAUt on Saturday said that General ??nuT?, who had no authority from the .people of this country to represent them, had "oeen sent to Switzerland to carry on negotia- tions for a separate peace with Austria-Hungary. It. was quite impossible for her to make a separ- ate peace at the present time, and every word which passed between General Smuts and Count Mensdorff. whom he met in Switzerland, was sent, daily to Berlin to 'strengthen the hands of H?tUn? in the Hrp?t-Ljt?vsk negotiations. General Smuts utterly failed in hi? negotiations, bnt not ?'tM?nt. with one fa.Hu!'? he was ?pnt ont a.?ain. For the War Cabinet and the "'orejn OfHr? t? act in this manner, witho:? any rcffr- ence to the British people or communication to the House of Commons, is direct treachery, not. only to Great Britain, but. to the democracies of Europe engaged in the war. We common Eng- lishmen are the paymasters of these men. We pay Smuts, Balfour, Robert Cecil, and Lloyd George not to betray ns, but to tell lli the truth and stick to it. Territorial propositions were made to Mensdorff, I am informed, which were directly contrary to Polish interests. If this is untrue, let it be stated to be untrue. Let us have 'Smuts in court and hear what he has to say. It is of the very greatest moment to know that we are not going-to lose at the council table what we all hope and believe we shall win in the field. 'I

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