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I Dick Wallhead at Large i


I Dick Wallhead at Large i On he-artiest, congratulations are accorded to Dick Walihead on his release from durance, vile at wee ks' 01 in- vci?nmry hibernation in the }?n<?? house of Hi< N f.-L .'V ]?,a.i-'ii tha,t. w"tli I l?l' exception of ?h? disfiguration ( ?) of a moustache and a-n accentuation of the hatchet keenness of his face and eye, Dick is looking fit. enousrh to take the platform in his own grand style*: and capable enough to chair the Party through the most strenuous year of its lite as he certainly has a. likelihood of ha,villg to do after our Easter Conference at Leicester. So far as we have able gather the conditions of Dick's release, they are ronfined to an undertaking on his part not to repeat the statement that resulted in his imprisonment.. Such an undertaking was. of course, unnecessary, since Did, is far too careful of his reputation. and of the reputation of the i Party, to repeat a statement which he was not in a position to absolutely substantiate should j circumstance's require. When we saw him last I in the p<)ice office at Neath awaiting transpor- tation to Swansea. Prison, our heart, quaked bo- j cause of our fear that lie wou ld Lot' unable to stand the strain of confinement. It is with de- light that, we learn that so far as can he j gathered our fear was groundless. Dick's impri- I senmer.t. has endeared him more than ever in the hearts of his admirers in South Wales, and we must insist that immediately Coventry has satis- fied itself by drinking in his oratory, he is drafted back to South Wales to finish the work he was doing when the heavy hand of the ungentle D.O.R.A. snatched him from F.

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