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PLEASE MENTION THE PIONEER WHEN ANSWERING ADVERTS. BOOKS FOR LOVERS OF LIBERTY Special Discount to Readers of the PIONEER." It ha, bot-n decided to allow the following dis- count to 'Pioneer readers ordering by pOM. or purchasing at our promises the undermentioned Books, the discount to be applied as part pay- ment on other books selected from this list. All books are priced post free, and customers call- ing personally will be allowød"" d i,oou nt, off the actual sale price. Purchasers of Books value tl 3d. per 1 Do. value 10 1- and under £ 1 2d. Do. value ;-) i and under 10 Do. under oj- Labour in Ireland 1/3 Re-Conquest of Ireland 1/3 By James Connolly. Economics for Irishmen 1/4 My Little Farm. By Pat. 1/4 These books are the- results of an experi- ment of a. British workman who became a prosperous Irish farmer. • Memories of Mount joy 1/3 The inner hist-ory of Easter Week, with an interesting account of Leader's prison experi-! ♦ ■nee. By Sean Milroy. The Gaelic State. By Darrel Figgis 1/3 The Economics of Sinn Fein. A for (vast of the new Party's programme. BIOGRAPHY, HISTOKV, kVD ECONOMICS. New Books. The Commonweal. A. P. Hillier. 4/6 for 1¡3 A study of the Federal system of Political Economy. A most instructive book. Modern Sociali-.m 6 11 for 2 An excellent a-r-eouni of its Hisrt/orieal devel- opment, by the great Russian writer Baron- owsky. British Industries Under Free Trade. 7/6 for 2 f. A famous book. By Harold Cox. Bamford's Passages in the Lrfe of a Radical. In two Volumes 10 i for 4/- Essays on Evolution and Design. 7/6 for 2/3 By Prof. Young (late Glasgow University) Edited (with Analysis and Introduction) by W. Boyd. M.A., B.Se. This is a. remarkable work dealing with Darwinism, Natural Selec- tion, etc-. The Foundations cf Liberty. Fell. 6 for 2!- Socialism, Individual Right,s. etc. i a l lSTn I I a The Nation as a Business Firm. 3,6 for 1/6 By W. H. Malloek. Wealth and its distri- bution, National Income, etc. Science in Public Affairs I 1. 5 for 2/- J. E. Hand. Preface by Lord Haldane. MtHCKr.i.wvors. Jesuitland. By W. H. Koebel 12 6 for 4/- Introduction by Cunningham Graham. A study of the working of the famous Jesuit missions in South America. A very valuable book for students. The Reporters' Gallery By Michael MacDonagh. History of Par- liamentary Reporting, with interesting and amusing sidelights on what goes on behind the scenes in the BaubloSh<)i)." Life of Labouchere IS for 61 History of Irish Party 25 i-tor 8!- By F. H. O'Donnell. (Two volumes). Gladstone and Ireland 10/6 for 3/6 Dai Nippon 12/6 for 5/- Japan in World Potitics 12/6 for 5 Two remarkable books on Japan by Dr. Henry Dyer. This Rialm 6/- for 21ii A s.tudv of country life. charming sketches of bird life, the ways of animals and nature, as seen by G. A. B. Dewar, aurthor of "The Glamour of the Earth. n Illustrated. Side-Lights of Nature 6/- tor 2,1- Delightful studies of wild life. By E. T. Edwards. Illustrated. The Art of John MacWhirter, R.A. 6/- for 2/- With five full-page illustrations of his best work, suit-able for framing. Numerous text illustrations. I P. J. O'CALLAGHAN Whotesale Bookseller. 132 & 134 WEST NILE STREET, GLASGOW. I (2 Doors North of Bath Street). Hours [> a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays. ■' p.m.

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