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I What About Housing?


What About Housing? COUNCILLOR STONELAKE DEMANDS ACTION. TO TUK KDlXOJi. Dear week I visited the exhibition of plans of working-class dwellings 4t the Oity Hall. Cardiff, and alter careful perusal I found nothing to excite my admiration. 1 do not wish I came away savagely depressed. I do not wish to criticise the architects who competed. Thev are creatures 01 01,vumsT.ance, and, no doubt, too often have to sacrifice art to commerce in orclei to bring their plan into line with the pos- sibilities of an economic irnt." The thought 1 could noi shut out from mv brain whilst I gazed on those three-roomed hutches was something like this; "The nation owes its sa lvation to the working-class. These men cannot be allowed to come back to the hovels they left to fight for king and country. We must rp-Imild England, etc., etc." And. oh heavens! thought 1. this is how we are going to re-build England a recrudesence of the ancient evil. The nation, not even the social reformer— generally speaking— seems able to rise from the rut into which he has fallen. People seem to think, all a working-class family requires is room to eat, wash, and sleep. With a few ex- ceptions these new plans give just a living room, scullery and bed rooms. The space provided is very little, if any more than one gets in the okl-fashioned house com- prising a kitchen, side-bedroom and two bed- rooms on first floor. The architects have made the best of a bad job. But the best of a hn,d io., is not good enough. Now is the opportunity for the work- ing classes through their various organisations to demand th^ England's recoilstruetion must he on bigger and more generous lines than those suggested in this planning exhibition. It is not for liie or l you, workers, to go into detail, or-anticipate possible difficulties that may arise. A\ hen the nation is wide-awake means can and must be provided to do the right thing for the people.—- Youi*. faithfully. I\Vl'ONEI.AKE. I :(; H(, I -t Street. Aberuare.

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