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Blaina Notes. I I I.L.P. Concert. I Mr. Dan Minton presided at a miscellaneous | concert held for the benefit of the Blaina I.L.P. The following gave selections: Soloists, Madam I T.- Angel, Master Williams, Messrs. T. Angel, T. Thomas, G. Price, Skvrme, and Hale elocu- T l toiiia, ] Hi l (, I tionists, Miss O. Lewis', Messrs. J. F. Ward and AV Vaughan violinlist. Mr. E. Llewellyn. Items were also rendered by Orpheus Quartette and by the Blaina Orchestral Society (conductor, E. Llewellyn). The accompanists were Messrs. H. Vaughan, A.L.C.M.1. Save, A.L.C.M.. and Mrs. Angel. I Mr. Geo. Lansbury. I Mr. George Lansbury spoke to a crowded meeting at Blaina on I'wice at Home." He dealt wi th the* effect of the Industrial War and demonstrated the necessity of peace at home in addition to peace abroad. Selections were given by the Gwent Glee Party. The Red Flag brought the proceedings to a close. Record col- lection. Literature sales good.

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