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ublk ^ttuummtn. 'AJ- rjlHKATRB ROYAL, CARDIFF. hu, ESMONDS. rram. Can from the Docks and from Koatb puI Um Theatre every 10 minotss. STAKTI.INt: ATTRACTION FOil THE HACK NIGHTS. Important Engagement of the wojld-renowned Actress, MISS JULIA SEAMAN. Positively IsM Thrc. Nights of the charming Panto- niiniist* ami I)ao<WS, 'I he FANCIIETTK SISTKKStfour in number.) ('ontlDull Si,ccess of tb6 viv3ciOus Hurlesque Actress, ConU?. ????e?????ue Actres. ?iM MAOUK ANIOIM'TTK IT.OUKAMME FOR TONIGHT (THURSDAY). Drawa.-LBAB iieib, Mins jcdia Seaman).. 7.45. JM-KKY HOKMWPK (b) the Fanchetto TIOUPC) 9.30. Borieeqnk PRINCK AMABKL (Prmoe Amatol Mil* Madge Antoinette) WO. ^I'ANJSH BAL1.KT (l aiicbetU''iroupe) 10.^0. ORAN1) l'INALI. I PSICKS OF ADMISSION 211. 6d., 2s., 18., 6d. DOON open at 7.1 ?. Curtain will rise at 7.45. H?U- I'ri at Nin4, o'citwk. BM-oftice atM.- ?-i?. StAtioner. Duke-street. Kntirely New Pn?ratume t nday. VIOTURIA CONOICRT x,UUM, T ST. MART-STREET, CARDIFF. Low" Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN. ''?? ? (Late of Liverpool.) rOMIM'KJi ANI) UNDIMINISHED SUCCESS .MOKK MULLIANT STAR ARTISTES! ro-NIUHT and EVERY EVENING DURING TBB WJUtK. ftia following talented Artiste* wffl appear • Miss JKNNV FRANK1 IN, the great Characteristic Voca'-st •\n<t Dancer, the Original Yankee Hirl; Miss MARIE JU KDEIT, Seinjuuntal and SerioConuc Vocalist: ViAKVK.V TRIO, the Eminent Burlesque Artistes, Instrumentalists ijwt Dancers; Nliss MARJE BRIG- LARD, the Favourite Serio-Comie Vocalist and Dancer Mr. U. MONA(.HAN, the Creut Pedestal Duiicci and Is egro Dancer. Retreehmenta at the Bar. Admission—Is. Half-price at half-nast Nino o'clock, for Gentlemen only. Poors open at hall-past Seven, to commence at Eight. notice —Whistling and Shooting Strictly Prohibited. 7062my2 I U Sl C HALL, SWANSEA. RETURN VISIT OF MESSRS. tiTRANGK AND WILSON'S -ETHERSCOPE. TO-NIOHT AND EVKRY EVENING In: Hew THE WEEK. t PROFESSOR PEPPERS PROTEUS, To conclude each Entertainment with MANS METAMORPHOSIS; Ur, THE HAUNTED HOUSE. MISS VIOLET CAMERON, The celebrated child actress, vocaJi-t, and dancer, from the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane, Loudon, will appear every evening Open each Enning at HaU-pMt Seven, Entertainment to commence at 'g g t O'clock. Proprietors—MESSRS. STRANd*. and WILSON. Manager-Mr G. P. WILSON. rjU'TE'S GREAT MINSTRELS. TEN STAR ARTISTES. LAST WEEK IN SOUTH WALES. TO DAY (THURSDAY), FRIDAY, and SATUR- DAY, 30th April and 1st and 2nd l\lay. Aherdare. The most versatile troupe extaut. Entire change of programme from last visit. =ion, ?, and 18, Manager and Musical Diredor, JAMES T. TUTE, I' A.X,. TOoUniy- /1\ THE CROWNED BARD OF WALES. CLASSICAL AND POPULAR CONCERTS, On hu return from a long and brilliant Concert Tour iu the United state. and the Canadas. ARTISTES Miss H. SAUVAGE, Mezzo Soprano. Mrs. J. SAUV AGE (late Miss LLWYFU hHWLS). Contralto. Mr. JAMES SAUVAGE, Tenur. Mr. L. W. LEWIS, (LLEW LLWYFO), Basso. Nlr. J. PRITCHAKD, Pianist. Mr. 1), MORGAN Agent and M;im?er. COM'KRTS ALREADY AUR VN(.KI>. Cwmamoll, To-day (Thursday), April 30; hbhw Vale, Saturday, May 2; Dowlais, Monday, Vay 4 Mountain Ash, Tuesday, May 5 Aberdare, Wednesday, May 6 Dow lais, Saturday, May 9. All communications to be addressed LLKW LLWYFO, care "t E. R. Thomas, Chemist, ifcc., 7125 91, Cae Harris, Dowlais. hob I)duw I*t "dm A\ Duw a digon. AG RAND EISTEDDFOD will be hold in a large and convenient Pavilion at Abertillery in the Month of JULY, 1874. The SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS on the follow- ing subjects will receive the PRIZES attached to them :— Jtt s, d. lrlt.]o'or the Ch< ir, not nnder 100. Ftliat will render best tne" Hallelujah Chorus (Mr4,«A) 15 0 0 ".nd-.F'Of the Choir that will render best "Let the Hills Resound •> 0 0 'rd -For the Juvenile Choir that will render bext Our Victory," from the American Songster" ?. 0 0 P"Ogramme, containing all particulars, to he had of ?)!W.HCutes;orls.?h. .l?y.? LAVERTON AND CO" MARYLETORT-STKEET, BiUSTOL, ARE THE LARGEST HOUSE FURNISHERS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, AND MUCH LOWER PKICKS THAN IN LONDON HOUSES, OvEK 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE FROM BEST-SEASONED WOOD, DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES. BEDROOM SUITES, CARPETS, DAMASKS AND REPS. CHINTZES AND CRETONNES, MUSLIN CURTAINS. I BED AND TABLE LINEN. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES, Containing over 600 beautiful Engravings of Furniture GRATIS AND POST FREE, On application to LAYERTON AND CO., UPHOLSTERERS AND HOUSE FURNISHERS, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. 5142 tths PURE MINERAL WATERS, JL ESTABLISHED 1831. IC AITTER'S BRISTOL SODA WATER. CARTER'S I'KISTOL POTASS WATER. 0ARTERS BRISTOL LEMONADE. ARTERS BRIGHTON SELTZER w ATER. /Barter's JLRISTOL LITH ia AND POTASS. Ouaiinteed t>y analysis, recommended by the medi al profeenoii. si.pplied no the Bristol Medical Institutions, and pr >t«cVed by wade mark-" Dolphins and anoticr itu NUWLI. Lareeat Worlrl In the Wert of England. So'.d by ill first vlasg Hotels, Wine Meroh:int<, and CliMUMt* or wholesale from the manniiwtoiv, WILDER STREET, BRISTOL. :W.& To A. WARRINGTON, OTPATKNTEI OF THE "POWER JUMPIM." Sole and Kxdulve Agent 101 THE "KAINOTOMON" ROOK DBJLL, For Simplicity, Koonomy, and EfRfltoany Unequalled; and THE "ECONOMIC" OOAL CUTTER. IKOnriZB AND OOSTTBAOTOB roB MINING MACHINERY Of EVERY DESCRIPTION. Agents for South Wries and the Foreet of Don- H. GREENE AND CO., IRON MERCHANTS, NEWPORT, MON. 5271d gUCCESS SUCCESS!! SUCOESS! AWARDED THE FIRST PRIZE AT BEDWELLTY AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, FOR THE BEST AND MOST USEFUL COLLECTION OF AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, RICK SHEET AND TARPAULIN MANUFACTURER, AND SEED MERCHANT, NEWPORT, MON. VIVIA N'S BONE& SUPERPHOSPHATE MANURES. GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED PURE PERUVIAN GUANO. GUARANTEED PURE NITRATE OF SODA. SAMUELSON'S AND WOODS PRIZE MOWERS AND REAPERS, And all Implements by first Makers. INE SELECTION OF AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. 6313 tts G IFARD'S PATENT INJECTORS, \3T BY SHARP, STEWART, & CO. STEEL & Co., NEWPORT, MON. Sole Agents for Cardiff, Newport, and Forest of Dean Districts. Alt Sizes in Stock. Present reduced prices on application. 62 52 tU I I | ACKSON AND 00 ECCLESIASTICAL SCULPTORS. IFOOTKKNTS, TOMBS, & CHURCH WORZ, IN TlfS HIGHEST STYLE OF CHRISTIAN ART. ST. MABY-STRKKT, CARDIFF. f>«49tth I I BRITANNIA WAGGON AND JD ENGINKEill-Sb WORKS, SWANSEA. OiTICKS ADELAIDE-SI UEET, SWANSEA. WOKKS FOXHOI.E WIIXRIP. SWANSEA VALE RAILWAY. SWANSEA. BAXENDALE, HEALD, & CO., PROPRIETORS, RAILWAY WAGGONS oi every description built for cash or on the deferred purchase system. Waggons maintained by contract. Jobbing Repairs neatly and promptly executed. Contractors' Tip f,rlll < ther Wa?p"tis nade to order. Colliel-y Trams complete, or in part, of wood or iron. Train Wheels 111101 Axles. Railway Waggon Wheels and Axle^ complete. Bear- ing, Buffer Draw combined, c?r other kinds of steel sprs, Waggon and gene-at i:um\ork. Also every oprtls .IV ? t Bolts and Nu?' made to order. Wa?o" BuOers complete or in part. C?ltts I SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. Messrs. W. PRICE AND SONS take the present as a favourable opportunity of recording their sincere thanks to the public for their expression of confidence in them, as exemplified by the cordial support they have received for many years past. Their extensive business premises, their large capital, and their wide range of experience, supplemented by a thorough knowledge of the requirements of this district, based on a careful and prolonged study of its various wants, plAces this firm at considerable advantage over all other), and this ad- vantage has always been, and will continue to be, held for the promotion of a sound and healthy trale. They manufacture and exhibit the bes goods in the trade. They originate many leading styles, and produce garments cut and fashioned with exquisite style and taste, and these are offered at the lowest possible cost. The Stock is being largely augmented by continued additions of Edl,1IW'f:ID; CLOTHING, suited ior the Spring and Summer Seasons, and the pub 'c are invited to call and look at the New Styles for gentlemen and juveniles, and to compare prices, and the usual kind and substantial appreciation of endeavours to supply their wants will certainly follow. The CARDIFF HOUSE, Comer of Caroline- street, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 6033 d G-IOUT, RHEUMATISM, &c. All who suffer from Gout, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica, Pains in the Head. Face, and Limbs, Ac., should immediately have recourse to Eade's celebrated Gout and Rheumatic Pills, the safest and most effectual cure for the above distress- ing painful disorders. They require neither confine- men nor alteration of dnr¿(o n=eo their effects be injurious. Prepared only by GEORGE EADE, 72, 6 OSWELL-ROAD, LONDON, And Sold by all Chemists in Bottles, Is. lid.; three in one, 2s. 9d. post free for 14 stamps. ASK FOK EADE'S CELEBRATED GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. 791tts PARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S JL INDIAN STARCH. TRADE MARK-AN ELEPHANT. DIPLOMA OF MERIT, VIENNA. ARSONS, FLETOHER. AND CO.'S INDIAN .JL STARCH for Purity ud Beauty of Colour rpRADEMARK—AN ELEPHANT.  AND CO?TlNblAN SrARvH for Lee-, M-li-, &rc &e. rpY?E?ARI?-AN?LEPHANT. ARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO. 'S INDIAN J. STARCH will not adhere to the iron. TRADE !iÃ]K-Á.i ELEPHANT. TRADE BIAI',K-AN -ELEPHANT. PARSrareT FLETCHER, AND CO. 'S INDIAN STARCH will retain it-i stiffneis in the dampest weather. rpRADE MARK—AN ELEPHANT. ARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN STARCH is highly recommended to laundresses. ELEPHANT.. TPADE MARK—AN ELEPHANT. P" -A^SriXE^CHER; CO.'S INDIAN j J. STARCH. The incre.?ttd demand M proof of its excellence. TR"IE bl",K-AN ELEPHANT. P Al,'$ON,S. FLETCHEP,, AND CO.'S INDIAN J. STARCH is packed in i. J, and lib. packets; also in boxes and in 51b. papers. Works—Gravel Lane, Southward, London. MAY BE HAD EVERYWHERE. d PARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S j_ INDIAN STARC ff. TRADE MARK—AN ELEPHANT. DIPLOMA OF MERIT, VIENNA. T?ARSONS. FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN A STARCH for Purity and Beauty of Colour, rjpRADE MARK-AN ELEPHANT. ARSONS. FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN J. STARCH for Laces, Muslins, Ac., Ac. TPAI)E BIAPK-AN ELEPHANT. PARSONS. FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN STAUCH will not adhere to the iron. rpRADE MARK-AN ELEPHANT. 1YARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN JL STAKCM will retain its stiffness in the dampest weather. T ITADE M"K-A. ELEPHANT. I LARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN Pis highly recommended to lauullre. TFADE BIARK-AN ELEPHANT. ARSONS, ?ETCHER, AND CO.'S INDIAN  STARCH. Ihe increased demand is proof of im excellence. TRADE MARK—AN ELEPHANT. ARTOJSS, FLETCHER, AND CO.'S tNUlA.? P STAHCH is packed in ? ? and lib. packets also in Ixoes and in ¡;,b papers. Wor,o -(: i avel Lane, Southwark, London. MAY BE HAD EVERYWHERE. d PROTECTION FROM FIRE. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES LIGHT ONLY ON THE BOX. BRYANT AND MAY'S TRADE MARK-AN ARK. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES ARE NOT POISONOUS. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES WITHOUT PHOSPHORUS. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT IHFETY MATCHES LllblT ONLY ON THE BOX. BRY ANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY HOLDER For ose wherever a Match is frequently required, BRYANT AND MAY. 5459tth NEW FURNITURE CATALOGUE, A,N D HOUSE FURNISHING GUIDE. DBBENRAM and FREEBODY Beg to announce that their NEW BOOK is now ready, and will be sent free by post on application. The FURNITURE represented is of the best class only, of correct design, and sound manufacture. Of necessity only a small pad of the Stock is shown in the blook. Persons furnishing are invited to inspect the Show. rooms, or to write for special designs and estimates, which are supplied free of charge. CAVENDISH HOUSE. CHELTENHAM. TVJOTICE TO IRONMONGERS AND JLL INDIA-RUBBER DEALERS, &c.-Anderson, Abbott, and Anderson, having just made a good sup- ply of GARDEN HOSE for the coming season, are pre- pared to offer liberal terms to the trade. Write for price lists and samples, Anderson, Abott, and Ander- son, Castle-street, Swansea. Works-Limenouse. 6612d The BRISTOL OFFICE of the "WESTERN MAIL" is at Mr. HAY WARD'S, Bookseller, High-street, where copies of the paper may be obtained, and advertisements left for insertion. The sole agent for advertisements in Bristol and the district is Mr. R. H. JONES. THE LONDON OFFICE OF THE WESTERN MAIL IS AT 130 FLEET-STREET.





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