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Anti-Conscription Meeting at Ystalyfera. The Central Hall, Ystalyfera, was well filled un Sunday afternoon when an anti- cOliseripiion meeting, under the auspices of the National Council for Civil Liber- ties was held. The meeting was organ- ised by the Trades and Labour Council. Owing to the illness of the Rev. Herbert Dunnieo, Miss Minnie Pallister, Bryn- mawr, and Mr. Tom Evans, Ynismudw, were the speakers. Mr. T. Johnson was the chairman. Mr. Wm. Thomas, Ysttadgynlais, moved the following resolution :This conference declares its uncompromising opposition to the system of compulsory military service, and demands that the Military Service Acts passed as tem- porary measures on the plea of military necessity in the war against the Central Empires should, now that hostilities have for nearly four months been at an end, be no longer kept in operation for reasons and purposes not declared at the time of their enactment. It fur- ther demands that the British represen- tatives at the settlement conference should nress for the abolition of con- scription in all countries as the only possible safeguard against policies of imperialistic and capitalistic aggression and as an earnest of the intention of the nations to pursue a policy of univer- sal disarmament." Mr. Wm. Evans, an ex-member of the Navy seconded the resolution, which was unanimously carried. Mr. Tom Evans, who supported, said the chief reason for the maintenance of a strong military force was to safeguard the spoils of war, and also to suppress industrial unrest at home. He spoke of intrigue and secret diplomacy, and said that many people in the country would spare no effort to see that conscription would stay. He alse referred to the mean treatment which he alleged was gi ven to discharged men and their de- pendents by local pensions committees. Miss Pallister addressed her audience on the mother's side of conscription, and said that the State did nothing to ensure decent conditions for children until they became of military age, when the State claimed the boys for service. She deplored the militarising of educa- tion, and said that had she possessed the power of the great trade unions, these, things should not be. She also re- ferred to the unjustified treatment that had been meted out to the conscientious objectors.

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