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YSTALYFERA NOTES. Miss May Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James, Wern House, left on Tuesday to the the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (W.A.A.C.). Miss Wil- liams, who was formerly a member of the staff at the Gurnos Council School, has gone to the Imperial Hotel, Clif- ton, as a hostel forewoman. The annual meeting of the Chamber of Trade took place on Wednesday last, when these was a very good at- tendance. Col. Gough was re-elected president, and Mr. Robert Arnold was appointed chairman for the ensuing year, with Mr. Luther Lloyd as vice- chairman. Mr. W. H. Blakeway will continue as secretary, and Mr. Griff. Griffiths, Capital and Counties Bank, as treasurer. Manifestations of the deepest regret were evinced on Saturday on the occa- sion of the burial of the late Mr. Wm. Davies, Curwen House, whose tragic death a few days after that of his wife, we reported in our last issue. The cortege which followed the remains to the Beluah Cemetery, Cwmtwrch, was a most representative one, and was eloquent testimony of the esteem in wHich the deceas?f gentleman was held by all classes of the community. Mr. G. H. Strick, J.P., represented the Gurnos Tinplate Co., and Mr. Benj. Williams the Phoenix Works. Some of deceased's fellow workmen, Messrs. T. J. Williams, Alfred Williams, Thomas Rees, and Geo. Eddington, were the bearers. The Revs. Ben Davies, Pant- teg, and J. Jeremy Jones, Cwmllyn- fell, officiated at the house, and the hymn, "Ymado wnaf a'i babell" was sung. Revs. J. Thomas (G-urnoe) and D. W. Stephens were also present. At the graveside the Rev. Ben. Davies spoke in a touching manner of the death of both Mr. and Mrs Davies, a circumstance, he said, by which the community and the church to which they belonged, would be the poorer. He also spoke words of comfort to the bereaved family. The llev. W. D. Lewis, Caersalem, offered up prayer at the graveside, and the Rev. W. T. Hughes, Beulah, announoed the hymn "0 frynniau Caersalem." The chief mourners were Mr. T. A. Davies, Pont- ypridd; Mr. and Mrs. John Davies, Gurnos; Mr. Geo. Davies, Blaenau i Festiniog; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Davies, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Griffiths, Cwm- twrch; Miss Mary Davies (sons, daugh- ters, Llld dauechters-in-Iaw); Misses Margt. Annie, Betty May, and Master H. G. Griffiths (grandchildren), Rev. J. Gwrhyd Lewis. Tonyrefail; Mr. D1. Evans. Ystalyfera; Mrs. Geo. Evans, Clydach (brothers-and-sisters-in law) Mrs. Mary Hopkin, CVmllynfell (sister) Mr. and Mrs. John Evaijs, Gorse Villa Mr. and Mr, John Griffiths, Fountain Hall: Mr. and. Mrs. Wm. Morgan, i asd Mr. and Mrs. J. Davies, Brynain- man; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones, Gar-' nant; Mrs. Lewis Davies, Brynamman; Mr. Jack Lewis, Port Talbot; Mrs. James Griffiths, Tonyrefail. A touching floral tribute in the form' of a Harp; with two broken strings was sent from Tom. George, M,,tr.v ,tiirl David. Other tributes sent were Johnny and Polly, William and Mary Ellen, Magdalene, and Arthur William, Gurnos Finishing Department (men), and Gurnos Finish- ing Department (girls). The sympathy; felt for the family was expressed in the exceptionally large number of let- ters sent from all parts, for which tho family wishes to express their sincere thanks. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr. A. W. Griffiths. and carried out on his behalf by Messrs 1. E. Thomas, of Messrs E. Thomas and Sons, Seven Sisters, and Mr. E. 0. and Sons, ,f???vc?n Si st.(,rs, and Mr. 11.. 0. The wedding took place at Pontar- dawe on Saturday of Mr. Ivor Powell, son of dr. and Mrs. Samuel Powell, Ystalyfera and Miss Angharad Ann Brazell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brazell, Goctre'rgraig, Mr David Lewis was the best man, and Mrs. Dd. Lewis acted as attendant to the bride, who was; attired in a becoming navy blue costume. The many friends of the Rev. Arthur T. Maddocks, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Maddocks, Pwllbach, will be pleased to hear of his call to the Baptist church at Melksham, Wilts. The call has been a most unanimous one, and the dis- trict in which Mr..Maddocks will now go offers ample scope for a minister of his energy and capabilities. The church at Melksham is a modern one, a.nd has a modernly equipped schools attached, which cost JB2,000 to erect. The church is one of the oldest in the county, and was established in the year 1669. Mr. Maddocks, who is now j at Woodchester, is 29 years of age, and was brought up in the Pantteg Schools, afterwards going to the Ys- talyfen Intermediate Schools. After spending three years at this schools, he was apprenticed as a carpenter, and later went to the Old College, Carmar- then, subsequently completing his training for the ministry at Cardiff Baptist College. Mr. Maddocks will commence the ministry of his new church on Sunday April 7th Co.-Q'ma.ster-Sergt. Jack Baber, who went out with the Brecknocks at the commencement of the war to Aden and then to India, has come home r a month's leave to Canal-terrace. Re will roturn to his company at Mhow, where practically all of the local lads are stationed. He looks well, and has re- ceived a hearty reception at the hands of his friends. He was with the Breck- nocks during the heavy fighting in Aden, and afterwards went with the battalion to Mhow, where he has sinco been stationed. He came home via. Italy and France. His sister, Mrs. Wil- liams, formerly of the staff of the local ¡ post office, has joined the W.A.A.C., and is now stationed at Rhyl. The Central Hall was well filled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last, when the popular operetta, "Life at Sea" was performed by the Caersalem Band of Hope Choir in full character, under the conductorship of Mr. Rufus Gabe. The children all performed their parts with credit, and were tastefully attired in a manner that added effect j Ii to the production. The chief characters were: Captain, Mr. Llewelyn Harris; Fred and Tom, Masters Ronald Wil- liams and Owen Jones; Sailor Jack, Mr. Dd. Thomas; Old Salt, Mr. Toddie Harries; Stowaway, Master Morgan Davies; Passengers, Mrs. Llew. Bevan, Misses M. E. Watkins, and E. A. Davies-; Sailor, Mr. EmlynGabe; King Neptun, Mr. Hy. Morgan; Queen, Miss Elsie Edwards; Attendants, Mis- ses Iris Keen and Katie Annie Mor- gan. Miss Morfydd Daniels proved a very efficient pianiste, and performed he onerous duties with credit eacih evening. She was assisted by Messrs. Reggie Jonathan and T. Jones (violin- ists). The chairmen each evening were Messrs. H. J. Powell, J.P., J. Grif- fiths, M.E., and D. W. Davies, C.C. I Credit is due to Mr. Rufus Gabe for the efficient manner in which he trained the children; indeed, the whole effect of the operetta was suggestive of Mr.'s untiring labours. Miss Blodwen Gabe was also an .able stage manager- ess, whilst no small credit ijjpr the suc- I cess of the performances is due to Mr. Aneurin Edwards, who was a most conscientious secretary. I An excellent progra.mme was sub- mitted by the Wern Girls' School Children at the Central Hall, on Tuesday evening, wh em St. David's Day was celebrated by the perform- ance of a .musical tableau, arranged by Mr Wm. George, Ystalyfera. The girls performed in a manner that re- flected credit upon Miss Alice Wil- liams, headmistress of the schools, anj the members of her staff. Dr. Ivor Thomas. H.M.I.S., was the chairman, and in his opening remarks urged the teaching of the Welsh language on the hearth. Far from being a hind- rance to the learning of other languages, V, elsh was a valuable as- sistance in acquiring any other language. The taMeau pntiHed. "Plant Cymru H.r Ddydd Gwyl Dewi." which was a. historical play giving magina-ry incidents in the life of St. k David, was performed, when the fol- lowing took part:D-,iN-i, Gwermie Daunoey. and Jenny Davies Polinus, Edna May Davie? Weslan, Men a Jones; Nom, Nancy Lewis. Monks, Plots and Scots, etc., also took part. This tableau was produced entirely by Standard IV. Girls, who were Admir- ably trained bv Miss M. E. Thomas. A beautiful faiiv dance composed by Miss Joan Brazell was much enjoyed, and other dadoes given were a daffodil dance, spining dance, and a Welsh dance. Olwen Jones, C. Samuel, and R. A. Thomas, also sang as fairies. .Jennet Jones, Alice Thompson, Olwen Jones, Edith Jones, R. A. Thomas, Phyllis Owen, and Maggie Rees, also took part in an able manner. Although all the classes did not take part, all the staff worked excellently, with Miss Williams, and they deserve all tlie good thing's saad about the con- cept. The proceeds were to the library and games funds. The wedding took place at Llan- gennech of P.C. Alfred Giibbard. and Miss Editih Maud; Hinkin, daughter of Mr and MrMs. Wm. Hinkin; Afon road, Llangennech. The ceremony took place at Salem Baptist Chapel. Mr Hy. Gibbard was the best man, and Miss Nellie Hinkin the brides- maid. A reception was held at the bride's home, after which the happy couple journeyed to Carniarthern for the honeymoon. Lieut. Brinley Thomas, B.A., has been Itome on furlough at Godre'r- graig. The funeral took place at Godre'r- graig on Saturday of Mrs. Mary Thomas, wife of Mr. Thos. Thomas, Go ugh-road, at the age of 66. De- ceased had passed away on the previous Wednesday. At the funeral on Satur- day the Rev. D. W. Stephens, Jerusa- lem, and the eRv. J. Secundus ones officiated. The death took place on Friday last of Emrys Morgan, 5-year-old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, Glan- rhyd. The funeral took place on Tues- day at Trealaw. The arrangementso day at Trealaw. Whilst following his employment at the Phoenix Tinplate Works, Mr. Rhys Williams, Alltygrug-road, fractured has shin bone. It seems that some plates fell on his leg. Seaman Willie Evans, of the Wern, has been home on furlough from Chat- ham.

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