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The Manxman at the Coliseum.I





CWMTWfiOH The death occurred oti Friday last of Mr. Tom Tib bet, Lower Cwmtwrch. (or .many years shearer at the Phoenix "i inpiate Works. The burial book place at lkulah Cemetery on Tuesday, tho itevs. W. P. Joues, Bethania, and Rev. -J. Secundus Jones officiating at the house, and the llev. W. T. Hughes ao t:io graveside. The funeral was a very large one, and testified to the es- teem in which tho deceased—a retiring. and kindly natured man—was held by all who knew him. Tho bearers, who were from amongst his fellow-workmen were, Messrs. Herbeit J. Griffiths, Tom Puntan, J. Jones (Pentwyn House) Dd. Williams, To mJones, Arthur Price, Evan J. Yans. The chief mournein were, Mrs. Tibbet (v. idow). Mrs Davies, Mrs. Roes, Miss Elizabeth Tibl>et and. Miss Gwennio Tibbet. daughters; Mr. Josiah Tibbet (brother). The only son, Pte. R«-s Llewelyn Tibbet, is with tho forces in the Balkans, while a son-in- 's Ind' I, law is in India. deceased's a;„* <t mottoer v-ntn whom mwh sympathy i felt, is confined to her bed. Cyindeithas Gymraeg Cwnu v."H held their meeting in -celebration of St. David's Day at .Bethel Chapel on Fri- day evening, when a feast ol ^NG and recitation was enjoyed hy :• •; appre- ciative audience. Rev. W. T. Hughes was the chairman. The programme was as follows: Opening solo, wiui harp accompaniment: soloists, Miss Elsie Jeffreys; Master Randell Evao Llyn- ferch, Miss May Williams. Maggie Jailo Phillips, Gwladys Howells: i/uillious I singing with the harp, "Berael; G.ach, Glanamman recitation, "Kfyn .il'ercli" Master Phillip Thomas, Miss Jef- freys, Sarah Ann Williams; verses for the occasion were also contrite iced by Rev. W. T. Hughes, James Powell, and Mr. loan D-ivie Tho speakers were Mr. John Dylri.^ Owen, Coun. Lewis Thomas, and :'IT." Rhys: Powell. The accompanist way \1 Dd, W. Owen. An interesting nll ^ig was brought to a close with the of H en WIad fy N h a d au. If-?f Mr. "Hen Wind fy Nliidiii,' by Mr- Arthur 'Yillias, Upper Cwii!, -ch. The Beulah Chapel Society h 1 their last competitive meeting of th, season: on Wednesday evening of h: week. It was presided over by eRv. W. T. Hughes; and the successful )mpett- tors were: Violin solo, Master W. Owen Holt: solo for child (iind(,r I t, Miss Bessie Davies; open for adults, Mr. loan Davies: essay 'Peter/ Mr. D. J. Holt; best improtiil)1,3 story, divided between Messrs. Herrert G. Davies and Daniel Jones; six o lestions from the Xew Testament, D. -i. Holt; sketch of Cwmtwrch Sulphn" Well, Master Idwal Roberts; best srory for | children, Master John -Witir The adjudicators were music, Mr ichael Thomas; literature, Miss Rac.he! Daties (schoolmistress). Mr. G. T. Levi (Gweledydd) as suc- cessful in capturing a number of prizes during last week. From one i oistedufod he brought home the < nglyn, 11tE"nilliOn, and recitation prize J. Miss Viola Levi, his daughter, also won a prize in reciting in the Amman Valley. The Beulah Dramatic Society intend shortly taking up two new dramas, for adults and juveniles. The Lower Cwmtwrch S. and S. Committee have secured the services of the Gwauncaegurwen Dramatic Society for Saturday, March 30, when the prize drama, "Aeres Maesyfelin" will be performed in aid of their funds at the Central Hall, Ystalvfera, one night only. The public are therefore advised to secure tickets immediately. This drama is without doubt tlH, big- gest draw of the season. For particu- lars see posters and advert., elsewhere. At Bethania C.M. Chapel last Sun- day evening, a memorial service was hold to three faithful members of the above church, namely. Mr Rhys Wil- liams, g Mrs. Moses, and Mrs. Dd. Phillips, Lower Cwmtwrch. The Rev. W. P. Jones, pastor, poke highly of the three departed members, whom he had known siAee lie came to the community. He expressed the loss which he and 1r:s fellow members felt in their passing. Mr Rlrvs Wil- liams had beene a member since the chapel was opened, being present at the opening services, which were per- formed by Rev. --Evans. Tonyrefail. The family at Glynineuri g de-ire to thank all who sent expressions of sympathy in their recent bereavement. r--


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