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Cwmavon Iatej i Collector…


Pontardawe Hospitals. I

Cb.-s Tour of L('c11 Ci>'iien.



CWYL EW-: AT YSTALYFERA. The pupils of the Ystalyfera County School celebrated St. David's Day 0:1 Friday by holding an eisteddfod. A;, excellent and varied programme was presented, and the pnpils did their work in a highly creditable manner. Mr. lhonry Roes, B.A., headmaster, acted in the capacity,of conductor, and the other ofncials were: Adjudicators literary items, "Gwiljun Cynlais music, Mr. W. D. Clee, A.R.C.M.. Ystalyfera; drawing, Air. Vincent Evaiiii, Ystalyfera; prize bags, Mr. Henrv Rees. Accompanist, fr. D. M. Baden Evans, A.L.C.M. Awards: bays, 1. Ray Thomas, Alltwen 2 Annie Lewis, Alltwen; corwjlatioE. Lilian Davies, Pontardawe, Open reci- tation, 1, Rachel Roberts, Pontardawe 2 Ethel Williams, Cwmllynfell. Recita- tion (senior), divided between Elsie Bibbs, Pontardawe. and Marie J. J one." (Eluned Meudwy). Magazine cover, I. James, Vaughan, Clydach 2 Vera Ar- nold, Ystalyfera. Imprcmptu speech: The adjudicator's decision in withhold- ing the prize was couched as follows: "Ap Ceninen," a "Sciletws, "Taffy," "Client" ac "A p Winwns," "No. I," mae'r holl yn haeddu Stopo'r wobor iddynt heddv. Lyric, "Plentyn y milwr," I Maggie Evans. Gwauncaegurv, cn 2 Ronald Geo. Pontardawe. Pianoforte solo (for juniors), 1 Caroline James, Yniametl- dwy; 2 Ceinwen Lloyd, Ystalyfera; for seniors, 1, D. M. Baden Evan, Gwaur- sen i o-.s, 1, D. ;\4. caegurwen; 2 Phyllis Brown, Ystaly- fera. Solo (juniors). 1 Eluned Reee. Pontardawe; 2 Rachel Roberts, Pont- ardawe: seniors, 1, Jennie Joseph. Pontardawe: 2 Annie L. Jones, Pontar- dawe. Translation into Welsh. 1 Salh Jones, Cwmllynfell; 2 Violet BurneL, Clydach and Tom Lewis, Morris ton. Translation into English, 1. Ray E. Rees, Ystalvfera: 2 M. Maud Dav. Clydi^ch. Essay, "The Effects of Wac" 1, D. Ml Baden Evans, Gwauncaegur- wen; 2 Gwynneth Rees, Ystalyfero- Pianoforte duet. 1 Baden Evans anii Harrv Irons. Pontardawe; 2 Phyllis Broom, Ystalyfera and Jennie Joseph. Pontardawe. Vocal duet, 1 Eluned Ree. and Buddug Williams. Yntalyfera; 2, Annie L. Jones and Marie J. Jones. Pontardawe. Choir. 1 Mudic Lovers (conductreM, Rachel A. Davkvs"); 2 Cor y Plant (Buddug Williams). The ei. teddfod was most successful, and re- flects groat credit upon the organiserp.. The secretaries were Miss Gwynneth Rees and Mr. Thos. W. Lewis. TheTO was a good attendance at "Y Ddraig Goch" on Friday evening when St. David's Day was .celebrated by & miscellaneous concert. Mr. Fredk. Rees presided, and Mr W. n. Clee, A.-P,.C.O. and Mr. T. W. Hepkin were the a<> companists. The programme included some of the best artistes in the dis- trict, and all expressed themselves pleased with the work performed by the singers, reciters, and speakers who fully Reserved the hearty vote of thanks passed at the conclusion. The. programme was opened by Misses R. A. Davies, Buddug Williams, M. A. Morgan, and Kathleen Williams, wfac sang Welsh folk songs; followed by s duet by Miss Winnie Hopkins and Eva Davies. A choir under the conductor- .ship of Mr. Ben Jones, M.A.. sang "Dewi Sant," after which Mrs. Reefc, Penvwern, gave a recitation. Miw, Kathleen Williams sang penilhon, which were followed by an excellent and inspiring address by the Rev. Ben Davies, Pantteg. Mr. W. T. DaVl able solo was followed by Miss Gwlad Davies, who sang "Can y Droell whilst the choir hummed a melodious accom- paniment.. A solo was then given by Jennie Griffiths, followed bv a rota- tion bv "Merch y Meudwy." Miss Nefc- ta Davies gave a solo in her usual pleasing manner, after which M»e Enid Davies sang penillion in a very effective stvle. Misses R. A. Dayiee, Buddug Williams, M. A. 'Morgan, and Kathleen Williams again sang Welsk folk songs, after which Mr. and Mrs. Dd. Jones presented a short sketch. entitled "Y Melinvdd." Miss Gwlady.^ Davies again sang a solo entitled "Yr Hen Wr Mwvn." pnd the sane as a finale "Nos Da." An en joyable evening was brought to a elose bv the singing of "Hen Wlad fv Nhadau, Miss Gwladys Davies taking the solo.

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