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Pontardawe Hospitals. I


Pontardawe Hospitals. I Regrettable Friction Between ( Owners oi Glanrhyd and St. I .Iiii)41 AssuCiaiion. j A meeting of the executive commits U.' oi Lhe St. John Auxiliary War Hospitals took place at Pontardawe on Friday evening, when Mr. G. Griffiths, Capital and Counties Bank, Ystalyfera, presided, in the absence of Mr. Chas. Gilbertson. The chief business dis- cussed was the proposal of Messrs. Gil- lx^rtsoti, omiers of Glanrbyd, to ter- minate the tenancy of that house by the St. John Association, and to con- vert the hospital into a Red Cross in- stitution, to be re-equipped at their own expense. Mr. F. \V. Gilbertson attended the meeting in the absence of his brother, explained the position and the reason for the proposal. They were all aware he said, of the fact that the family had given Glanrhyd to be used as a hospital, and had also given Ynisderw House to the Guardians so that the Workhouse ootild be converted into an infirmary. They had also, doubtless heard that things were not going very well at Glanrhyd, and it was thought desirable that some change should take place. The question of the d ''tors, the matron, and the capitation r,rants were but some of the causes of friction, suggesting that there was lack of good management somewhere. A detcmined effort had also been made to get rid of Mrs. Royle, matron at Glanrhyd, and r-he had now been hounded out— a state of affairs that they as a family felt very much. The new temporary matron, on taking up duty, told the Red Cross girls that their sorvicos WMV no longer required, and she had also taken the management out of Mrs. Royle's hands six days before her notice terminated, although the new matron had come there without credentials of any kind. Mr. Gilbertson said he went immediately to Glanrhyd on hearing of this, and illa,, it should be closed, and that they as a family should re-equip it at a cost exceeding L-500. He had consulted the Pontar- dawe committee, and they had agreed with his action in the matter. Proceeding, Mr. Gilbertson said that a letter he had recei ved from Mr. Her- bert Lewis (secretary of the St. John Association) appeared to indicate that they, the St. John Association, were not prepared to accept the notice. He wished it understood that they all wanted to benefit the wounded, with- out any friction amongst themselves; and the best way out of the difficulty was by converting Glanrhyd into a Red Cross Hospital and allowing the infirmary to remain a St. John insti- tution. This would then enable people -to support whichever they chose. The new hospital would be re- equipped at the Gilbertson family's ex- pense, and would get 3s. a day in re- spect of each occupied bed, and 6d. for each disengaged one. The Red Cross Institution also gave more local a ivto- nomy, and he failed to see why they should submit to being controlled from Cardiff. He had also observed that there was always more friction in dis- tricts in which St. John institutions existed than where Red Cress hospi- tals were maintained. In reply to the chairman, Mr. Gil- bertson said he had consulted the Pontardawe committee because they were nearest, and they had approved of his action. The Chairman ViA the committee members from Ystalyfera and Ystrad- gynlais were very human, and felt that Mr. Gilberta m should have brought the matter before the whole executive, and not .onfined himself to a section. Mr. Gilbertson renlied that he would hive to apologise, h it he waa so upset when he heard of -iie state of affairs at Glllrhyd that &.a acted somewhat rashlv. After Mr. Gilbertson had retired the Chairman asked whether the committee were prepared to discuss the matter then, or adjourn it for a week to as^ to allow them time to consider it. Mr. Ben Williams, Cwmtwrch, said he could not give his vote on the ques- tion that dnv, c ought to consult his committee. Ho also believed that aftr-f all it was a matter that Cardiff should thrash out. Mr. D. J. Bowe.i, Pnritardave, was of the opinion tha: if the committer desired to transfer to the Red Cross, they could do so, ul Mr. Ben Wil- liams disagreed. Mr. Henry Jaine,, Cwmgorse, insist- ed that they had collected the money expressly for the St. -lohn Association. Mr. J. Edwards, Pontardawe, urcrod further inquiry, and suggested that Mr. Gilbortion bo asked to meet them again. Mr. Morgan 3:viM; Ponhrd(}T! said he failed to doe What right they had to deal with the matter nt a1!. And from a legal ,r"Jint of view he failed to see there was any justifica- tion for the cancelling of the tenancy. The tenancy was in the ha.n<¡ of the association, and they had no right to deal with the matter before the in- quiry. Mrs. D. J. Rees, Ystalyfera, asked if the Messrs. Gilbertson were agree- able to an inquiry taking place, but no one appeared to know. Mr. Tom Williams, Ystradgvnlais: They seem determined to fight it out. It was ultimately resolved to ad- journ the matter. The Chairman reported that the Christmas fare at both Glanrhyd and the Infirmary had been excellent. It was also decided that Mr. Her- bert Lewis lie urged to attend to ex- plain why Glanrhyd only received a g.nt of 2s. whilst the Quarr Hospital Clvdach, received 3s. It was expressed that the Glanrhyd Hospital had been equipped by the War Office. Mrs. D..J. R. pointed out that ti- Qurr Hospital had been partly equipped from the overstock at Glan- rhyd, and in that case the Quarr Hos- pital beds were at any rate partially War Office property.

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