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GWAUNCAEGURWEN The drama, "Y Mab Afradlon," was performed by the Hermon Drn- matic Society (under the leadership cf the author, Mr Jason Thomas, Bryn- anion an), .at the Public Hall, on Thure- day, Friday and Saturday evenings. Mr W. D. R-ees, Bnnammaii, pro- vided the music. On Sunday last, Seion Baptist Church held their anniversary ,-e r vices. Rev. Samuel Jones, Tfeherbert, was the special preachor. i [ "The in with the vmggeeiioiw issued by the Welsh Department of the Board of F'1ucatiorl with regard to St. David's Day. May the princpile-s taught bear fruit in the lives and characters of 1.13 coming generation. On Tuesday evening a very well at- tended meeting was held at Carmel Chapel, in connzection with the obeerv- anoo of the Natitonal Anniv(-xsary of St. David's Day. Papers were read by Mr Daniel Thoimas, M.E., D-evon- ia, G.C.G., and Mr William Thomas, C.M., Owmgors. An enjoyable rr/itsieai pTO(rramm« was also provided. Mr Rees Bevan presided, and Rev. B. D. Dawes conducted. The Rev. W. Cr-wys WiHiamH (repre- sentative of the British and Foreign Bible Society) visited tfte di-sTrct on Mond,av evening, and delivered a very interesting and instructive a ddress on the wor'k of the Society. He dwelt extensively on what the Soceity has doine in distributing Bibles and T-esta- mente to the soldiers at the various battle fronts. Although the work has been greatly hampered by the war, still it goes on; acd even now during rite tumult of the WM", the Bible is being translated into hitherto un- known tongues, and scattered broad- cast over two territories. Last year alone it has been translated into seven altogether new languages. Silently, but steadily the Book is finding its wiav over the world. During the three years "OrwyB" has been at- tached to the Society, excellent work has been accomplished. New oi-v,.In-q isationi have be-on formed in various districts, and the collections have beon increased by several hundred pounds. A iuew branch has been formed si; Owmgprs, and collect ion* will be made towiards the Sooiety. The Rev. Clement Evans was elected presi- dent; the Rev. B. D. Davies, treasur- eT; and the Rev. T. M. Roderick (Tabernacle), slaretaxy. Last Sunday a series of temperance meetings were held under the auspices f) tile RecaxaJbi tes, the Rev. R. J. Paterson, U. B.. being the jmrlstvioncr. Mr Patorson is ta.n ardent o<pp orient of tlho state purchase movement, advo- cating in its stead total prohibition dtirin- the war, and during the period of demobilisation. Although Mr. Paterson is a fiery speaker, and his long: experieaice Gal tlio temperanee pat.f(lrm has saturated him with a, sense of super-confident a.uthoritv. the supporter of the srtate purchase move- ment remain exaotly w her they were. COill-gratula.tions to Mr Baden FNans, Ourwen street, G.C.G., son of Mr Johnny Evans, schoolmaster, Tai'r- gw.aith, on his .9ucoess in parsing the London aM trkrula^ien Examination. He ma.tricu?ted .under the Centra j Welsh Board last year. j

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