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CWMGOkSE FAKM ROB, ERV. At the Potttardawe Pol ice-en uvt, be- fore Mr. Aliens (presiding), ami others, Frederick George White (1'.). was charged with breaking and < nte ring the premises of his employer. I homas- Davies, farmer, Nantygasseg Farm, Cwmgorse. The boy was on lice/ice from the Somerset Homes, Bath. Margaret Davies, wife of Timmaa Davies, said she left her house, when all was secure, at about 6 in 11: even- ing. The boy had come out in-:illi her and took a can of water back iowards, the house. When she came bad later- with a friend she heard a. whiscle. and saw n lad. William lfannet. on the road. On entering the house she- iounds everything disordered, and found that the rooms up and downstairs had been ransacked. She found that tWOY:1 tches a brooch and chain, tea, sug; part of a set of tcetil, a silk If iiidker- chiof. and a gun were missing. Sho heard someone run out thre>u.h the back door. Thomas Davies, farmer, bore out his wife's stau>m«>nts, and said he was in chapel on the night in questic^- He also missed a leather wallet and notes, and found that the safe had bee;i tam- pered with. The loss of good-, etc., totalled L37 in value. The boy had been with him for 15 months, and had come from Somerset .School, his con- duct up to now had been good. William Ben net said he saw the boy White on the 10th, who said he was going to break into the farm with another boy, and witness joined the boys. Witness was posted outside, and ordered to give the signal and whistled when lie saw Mrs. Davies and his (wit- ness's) sister coming to the house. Defendant: He promised to run away with us sir, but we cut him out because we thought "too many eooka would spoil the broth." (Laughter.) P.S. Shillum gave evidence of find- ing part of the property and receiving defendant into custody at Pontardawa. White said he- had arranged with a boy named Goodwin to break into the house, and then run away. Bennett also joined and said he would run away too, but the other boys ran to Swan- sea. Goodwin was still at large. Mr. Young (superintendent of the Bath Homes) said defendant had come to the school as a boy of five, and. he had only been reported once for play- ing with fire. He was licensed out later to a Mr. Napier, but was afte' wards recalled to the homes as lie could not agree with the butler. He had a good conduct report from Mr. Davies, his present employer. The defendant said Goodwin. who had also been an inmate of the homes, had suggested to him that they should" break into the house. The Superintendent said the boy wall aged 17, and if the magistrates would agree to handing him over to him he would see why could bo done. He would also renmd about t47 15s. which the boys had ear nod. Goodwin had joined the Navy, but his parents ob- jected, .and he was of the opinion that the affair would never have happened if it were not for the interference of the parents, which resulted in his leav- ing the service. Mr. Miers spoke kindly to the boy, and pointed out the seriousness of the offence. The boy would have to go back with Supt. Yomig. and 1m> given another chance. Mr. Mi(.i-?s sti?, that the boy should try and join the Navy. He had tried to enlist in the Arir,i as a bandsman but had failed" on account of eyesigh-t. The Superintendent stated that dur- ing 30 years t hese two lads were the- first they had had in the hands of tliet. police.