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Rhiwfawr. An interesting visitor to the Rhiw- fawr locality this week is Pte. Nicholk, of the New Zealand Imperial Foreep. He is the guest of Mr. Abraham Rees, and came from France for a few days rest from the fighting line, returning there on Monday. Pte. Nicholls is a friend of Pte. Edgar Rees (Rhiwfawr) also of the New Zealanders, and have fought side by side in Egypt, France, and Flanders, and are the only two left, in fighting trim, of tke original battalion which answered the call of the Mother Country at the outbreak of hostilities. They also enlisted to- gether, and together they have fought. ever since, having taken part in moet- of the big battles on the western front. Pte. Nicholls has been Wbunded twice. whilst Pte. Rees has escape d wfthout the slightest injury. Rhiwfawr gave a warm reception to Pte. Nicholls, and on Monday evening a reoeption was held in his honour, Mr. J. Isaac Wil- liams presiding. The following contri- buted to an interesting programme Messrs. Rhys Lloyd, J. Walter Wil- liams, T. Ed. Evans, Willie Thomas, Johnny Samuel, Dai Phillips, and an address by Mr. D. H. Morgan. Mr. Arthur Thomas, A.V.C.M., was the accompanist. A reception concert will also be held at the Berrington Hotel, Gwys, in Pte. Nicholl's honour en Friday, when Dr. Owen will preside.