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SEVEN SISTERS. The competitive concert on Saturday turned out a. complete success. On Sunday evening the electric light went out at all local cliip-els; and left the people wondering- whether itil air raid was on, and if Biaendulais is on the map. The fiiie lecture given at the English Baptist Chapel on Monday evening by Rev. M. C. Mander, Swansea, was greatly enjoyed by the large audience. Great preparations are being mado for the children 's eisteddfod oil Satur- day next. Good entries havo been re- ceived. The collection at Soar Chapel on Sunday evening was in the nature of a "war bonus" to the minister. It is gratifying to learn it reached a good sum. Ho well deserved it. The Rev. Edmund Davies is held in high esteem at Seven Sisters, and but for the very slack time now prevailing at the col- liery the collection no doubt would have bec-n doubled. Very few men have gone from this locality on tramp, and it is to be hoped thyt, business will so improve shortly as to make that unnecessary. Indeed, it is very difficult to go away now; bell-re one go very far one must take a pocket-full of cards along! The chairman of the competitive con- cert on Saturday did his work well, and it is worthy of reoord that when- ever he takes up anything to help the workmen he does it in earnest. "Dulais" was the preacher at Soar on Sunday, and his sermons were ap- preciated by all. A successful competitive concert was held at Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters, on Saturday, the proceeds of which were in aid of i Mr. Dd. Lewis, Brick-row, j who has been an invalid for a consider- able time. The adjudicators were,— music, Mr. T. Morgan, F.T.S.C. (Pen- cerdd Cynon): recitations, Mr. D. Clydaeh Thomias; accompanist, Mr J. O. Williams, Sevensisters. Mr. Daniel W. Thomas, M.E., presided. The awards were:— Champion solo, Mr. Todd Jones, Trcherbert; baritone solo, "Trumpet- er," Mr. Gwilym Jones, Ystradgynlais; tenor solo, "Baner ein Gwlad," Mr. Griff. Griffiths, Tonna, Neath; sopra- no solo, "Nant y Mynydd," Madame Harcombe, Penygraig; contralto solo, "Return to thy Rest." Miss Rose Day mond, Onllwyn novice solo, "Ceisiwch yr Arglwydd," Miss Beatrice Davies, Seven Sisters; solo for those over 50 years of age, Mr. Rees Alexander, Seven Sisters; open recitation, divided between Mr. D. Dulais Davies, Soven Sisters, and Miss May Davies (Eithin- ferch), Ystradgynlais; recitation for children (under 15), 1, Menai Jones, Ystalyfera; 2, Jenny Watkins, Aber- crave; consolation prize (given by the chairman), John Glyndwr Davios, Ys- tradgynlais; solo for children (under 15), 1, May Parker, Neath Abbey; 2, Willie Evans, Dyffryn, Onllwyn; quar- tette, "Blodeuyn Badh," Mr. Rees Alexander and family, Seven Sisters. It is pleasing to record that the de- eisions of the adjudicators were re- garded as satisfactory by competitors and audience, and the helpful remarks and advice of Mr. T. Morgan to young singers on voioe production were great- ly appreciated. Pte. D. J. Morgan, Brynrhos. Gun- ner J. Powell, and Rifleman Lewis Waring have arrived home on leave from the western front. Riueman W. G. James has proceeded to his depot at Winchester, after being) in hospital at Diss, Norfolk, sinoo December last with heart trouble. The public lighting in the district is sadly out of repair. At most dan- gerous places there is no light, and a great many pedestrians have only nar- rowly escaped serious injury at these spots. The inhabitants one and all say "Let there be light." Sapper P. Reading has returned to Newark, and Pte. J. Edwards to the western front this week, both iaien having received a good time whilst on leave. Pte. L. J. Jones has- also re- turned to Pembroke Dock after being on sick leave from a convalescent home iu Eastbourne. The collieries in the Dulais Valley arc all very slack, only two and three turns a week being worked. Great dis- tress is felt in some parts of the district and all would bo glad to see a change for the better. At this trying time where is the District Council and the project for a communal kitchen? If this were established now a great deal of the distress would be abated. WiU not our public men "get a move on?" A presentation was held at the Palace on Wednesday evening of last week in honour of local heroes. The chair was occupied by Councillor Wm. Prosser, supported by Mr Miles (trea- surer of the Patriotic Fund). A varied programme had been arranged and all who took part-were well received. Solos were rendered by Misse B. Jones, j Gladys Evans, Hilda Warner, Mr. Jno. Hughes (who gave an excellent. Folo and also took part in a duet with Mr. Dd. Williams). Recitations by Master D. J. Price and the every-ready "Dulais" were very appropriate, and "Llew." the local comedian, was in good form with "Good-bye-ee." Gold medals with inscriptions were present- ed to Pte. D. Be van, R.W.F., by Dulais; Pte. Price-, .AS.C., by Miss G. Evans; Signaller J. Perry by Mr. M. Miles. Gunner T. Wyndam Thomas, R.F.A. is home on leave for the second time from France. Sec.-lieut. T. Alexander and his brother, Pte. W. Alt-xander, were home over the week-end. Welcome to Pte. Reginald Price (Army Service Corps), and Signaller John Perry (Welsh Fusiliers), home from France:- Our Reggie Price—the baker, For years transported buns; But in the Army Service Corps He's now transporting Huns. The Motor Transport Service In France is going fine, And British "goods" delivered there Right all along the line. To meet the great Von Hindenburg Our boys are very cool, And Paris, on. a "certain date" May see an "April Fool." We are waiting, we are watching, To meet the coming blow; In spite of all his threatening— Are we downhearted ? NO! The Signaller, John Perry Was gassed and wounded twice; Fought for thirty months in France, A glorious sacrifice. Festubert and Laventie, The Somme and Armentiers; Mametz, the Ridge and Ypres— Well known to the Fusiliers! He also fought at Langemarck, But landed here this night, We welcome him right royally A hero in the fight. To Pte. David Bevan (Royal Welsh Fusiliers), nol o'r Dwyrain:— Canaf i filwr Salonica Ac hefyd i'w frawd ddaeth o France, Cenir i Bevan, America Yn hwylus ar ol cael y chance. Gwladgarwyr yw bechgyn Brynheulog, Alec, a Dewi, a Bill, A'u henwau o hyd yn flodeuog, Tri milwr cyfarfydd a'r "drill." Un creulon yw'r gelyn malaria Yn awelon y dydd a'r nos; Cyfrwysach na milwyr Bwlgaria. Yw'r dwymyn sy'n oodi o'r ffos. Bu Dcwi am flwyddyn a haner Yn cadw y gelyn bant, Caled yw ymladd a'r fever, Ac aros o hyd yn sant. Cychwynodd o'r Dwyrain yn union Arlol deunaw mis yn y test, Dilynodd ddymuniad ei galon I gartref bach siriol y West. Ganwyd ef yn Matagonia Ym mhell o gyffiniau 'rhen wlad, Ymladdodd ar dir Macedonia Dros bur egwyddorion ei dad. Fu neb yn fwy true na John Bevan Mewn un cwrdd anrhegu erioed, A'r fam sy'n aberthu ei hunan- Tyf blodau yn olion eu troed. Daw blodeu Brynheulog i wenu I'r "Sweet Dulais Valley" drachefn, Chwiorydd y milwyr, a Danny Ddaw eto i lonni y Seven. —Dulais. Can swynol gyfansoddwyd gan Pte. W. Bevan yin myddin yr Unol Dal- aethau yw'r "Sweet Dulais Valley," a chanwyd hi yn y presentation.

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