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Ystradgynlais Teachers.I




YSTRADGYNLAIS & 01STRICT TRADES & LABOUR COUNCIL. FOOD AND EDUCATIONAL QUES- TIONS DISCUSSED. The usual monthly meeting of the above Council was held last Saturday at Abercrave, with Mr. Lewis Thomas in the chair. Twenty-three members were present representing 7 miners' lodges, two I.L.P. branches, and one co-operative society. The following councillors were present: Messrs. Idris Davies, Dd. Lewis, \V. D. Walters, and Rhys Chapman. A letter was read from the Secretary of the Breeonshire Labour Party ask- ing for the views of the Council on the question "of adopting a Labour candidate to contest the division at the next election. It was resolved to reply to the effect that the constituen- cy should be fought by Labour at the earliest .suitable opportunity. The Sec- retary was instructed to forward a. donation, pending the adoption by the Divisional Party of a contribution scheme. It was suggested that a sub- scription list be opened. This was done, and a member immediately headed it with a guinea. Several substantial sums were promised. Councillors Dd. Lewis, W. D. Wal- ters and Rhys Chapman gave reports dealing with the Food Control Com- mittee. The question of the milk sup- ply was discrjswM} considerable length, and reference was made to the threatened strike by the farmers if they were not granted an increase in the price of milk. A councillor pointed out that the conditions of the farmers in the Ystradgynlais area were not comparable with those of farmers liv- ing in urban areas, where byelaws pertaining to sanitation were very strict. This necessitated greater work and greater expense for the urban far- mers. Ystradgynlais farmers had not these things to trouble them, conse- quently the community should benefit from the reduced cost of production as they were the people who suffered through lack of sanitation at the farms. It was also shown that rents had not been raised since the declaration of war. Considerable indignation was ex- pressed by the members present at the machinations of certain individuals in "i stradgynlais who were doing their utmost to cause dissension amongst the farmers, and who attempted to unite them in an effort to starve the child- ren of Ystj-adgynlais by withholding the supply of milk. This action may be likened to that of Von Tirpitz, the initiator of the U Boat campaign. It was resolved to call the attention of Lord Rhondda and the Local Food Committee to the matter. The question of education waa con- sidered, and the refusal of the Brecon- shire Education Authority to appoint, a permanent head teacher for Ynisced- wyn School, Ystradgynlais, met with indignant protests. Speakers pointed out that the education authority re- fused to deal with this vacancy on the ground that teachers serving with the colours would stand no chance of com- peting. On this plea Yniscedwyn and Gilwern Schools were to be allowed temporary head teachers only. It was maintained that no teacher in the Army or Na.vy had paramount cla-HM to the post, and it was understood that the "plums" of the county, such as Yniscedwyn, should be given to head- masters, who, by their work in smaller schools, had proved their claim to such promotion. It was also alleged that many permanent appointments to headships had been made since, the outbreak of war, and that since coming to the above decision the authority had now decided in favour of filling the vacant headships at Gilwern. In view of. this the Council unanimously agreed to send a strong resolution to the education authority in favour of filling the Yniscedwyn School vacancy immediately. The Breconshire scale of salaries for j teachers was discussed, and the Labour i councillors were instructed to support the teachers in getting the full N.U.T. scale adopted. It was pointed out by the councillors that even had the reso- lutin not been passed, they would still advocate the best sa laries for teachers. The opposition would not come from them but from the Liberal and Conservatives. The next meeting will be held next Saturday at Aber- crave.